Cassina x mohd - Limited edition series

Cassina presents Utrecht "Point", a mohd exclusive.

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90 pieces to celebrate Cassina's 90th anniversary, with a special fabric upholstery designed by Paul Smith for Maharam by Kvadrat.

The authenticity of each piece is guaranteed by a progressive number, stated both on the label under the seat and on its ID card.

A unique interpretation of the 1935 icon, upholstered with the quality and creativity of the Maharam by Kvadrat fabrics designed by


A contemporary interpretation of a classic, in a limited edition.

Utrecht “Point” is a mohd exclusive.

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The history

Utrecht Armchair

The Utrecht armchair was first designed in 1935 for the Dutch department store Metz&co. G.T. Rietveld created its distinctive design by removing any material distinction between its parts.

A clean and sculptural seat, re-edited since 1988 by Cassina, who has the exclusive worldwide production rights.

The architect

Gerrit Thomas Rietveld

The Dutch architect was born in Utrecht in 1888. He soon became one of the main members of the De Stijl art movement, that aimed to create a profound transformation of the existing linguistic codes, trying to go beyond cubism in the search for absolute rationality.

Some of Rietveld's main works are the Schröder House (a Unesco heritage site), the Red and Blue armchair (1918) and the Zig Zag chair (1934).

The fabric

Point by Paul Smith
for Maharam by Kvadrat

The Point series was inspired by Fair Isle traditional knitting and the British designer’s signature stripe print that defines his classic-with-a-twist style.

The fabric is woven with dense and semi-lustrous yarns, a tight grid resembling needlepoint.

The pattern is built from a single square unit, repeated and combined in stripes running from selvedge to selvedge. Repetitions are specifically made to allow random cutting, so that every piece of furniture upholstered looks unique.

This iconic armchair is available in just 90 pieces, exclusively for mohd.

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