How to furnish the entrance in an elegant and functional way

17 February 2021

Little Petra by &Tradition

It is the room that welcomes us on our return and is the business card of our home, here’s how to best furnish it.

Too often considered a place of passage, the entrance has been rediscovered and re-evaluated in recent months because it has become a space for “decompression” from an exterior that still scares us to an interior where we feel safe and do not want to bring elements of threat or danger. The entrance, however, is not only a technical space but also a business card, a taste of what our home will look like and therefore it should be tidy and cared for in the furnishings and accessories. It is our way of welcoming guests with attention and generosity and therefore must be organized, equipped and finished with elegance. In this awareness of its importance, the entrance loses the connotation of a passage area and becomes a project to be studied, and treated with enthusiasm to improve the quality of our domestic life. Here are some ideas for perfect furnishings and accessories.

Piano coat hanger by Peruse

piano by peruse

The first gesture when returning home is to take off the jacket and coat, drop the bag. And if there is no space for a real wardrobe, it does not mean that our clothes can be abandoned wherever they happen to be. The Piano coat hanger by Peruse is a smart and classy solution because it has an attractive design and a mechanism that allows us to have the right number of hooks with a small footprint.

Rotating mirror by Kristina Dam Studio

Rotating mirror by Kristina Dam

One last look before leaving, but also on returning to check if we are in order: the mirror is an indispensable accessory in the entrance and, in addition, it has a great decorative effect and expands the perception of space. Rotating by Kristina Dam seems to have been designed specifically for the entrance and by rotating it allows you to change perspective and scenic effect.

Charlotte sideboard by Giorgetti

Charlotte by Giorgetti

The sideboard is a piece of furniture that we usually place in the living room and dining area, but if you have the space available it is also very useful in the entrance. Both for the support surface, where we can deposit the keys and mail, and for the container elements in which to put the helmet, scarves, hats but also the supply of masks. And Giorgetti’s Charlotte is an excellent example in this sense.

Little Petra armchair by &Tradition

Little Petra by &Tradition

To make the entrance more welcoming, we add an armchair to the ensemble, single but with character like the Little Petra by & Tradition designed in 1938 but surprisingly modern and glamorous, as well as soft with its sheepskin upholstery.

Ferm Living High Pile Pouf

Pouf High Pile by Ferm Living

Alternatively we can opt for a pouf, which is however elegant and classic, perhaps in velvet like High Pile by Ferm Living. Sober in design and meticulous in the choice of colors, intense and warm, it is available in various sizes and shapes to adapt to spaces with different characteristics.

Vertigo lamp by Petite Friture

Vertigo by Petite Friture

How to choose the right light for the entrance? The best solution is to prepare at least two light sources, the main one of which will certainly be a central chandelier, spectacular but at the same time light, like the iconic Vertigo by Petite Friture, versatile and suitable for environments with a different style.

Venus bookcase by Driade

Venus by Driade

The bookcase is a strategic piece of furniture, especially if the entrance is not a separate room but is part of the living room. A bookcase without backrest, therefore open on both sides, constitutes a right filter between the entrance area and the rest of the house and Venus by Driade seems perfect to us because with its sculpture element it takes on a decorative and interesting value.

Cactus coat hanger by Gufram

Cactus by Gufram

And in terms of functional sculptures, we cannot fail to mention Gufram’s Cactus, whose function as a coat hanger is little more than a pretext for having a real piece of Italian design history in the hall.

Kristina Dam Studio Rotating
Kristina Dam Studio Grid
Gufram Cactus Another Green Coat Hanger
Petite Friture Vertigo
Ferm Living Pouf High Pile
Driade Venus

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