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Artek’s artistic and cultural mission. A design between art and technology.

Since 1935 Artek has been the ambassador of an important artistic and cultural mission. Founded in Helsinki, the Finnish company outlines a pure intersection between design, art and architecture, creating furniture and lighting products with a vibrant Modernist approach. A significant element that asserted Artek’s success was undoubtedly the pioneering work pursued by Alvar Aalto, an inspiration for several generations of twentieth-century designers and architects and a turning-point for the global development of Nordic design. A perfect combination of “art”  and “technology”, mirrored by the very name of the company, that states a personal and avant-garde way of thinking artistic production.

Artek 60 Stool

Among the most appreciated iconic design products in history, Stool 60 conceived by Alvar Aalto in 1933 is a stackable stool entirely made of solid birch. The legs are mounted directly to the underside of the round central seat with utmost ease.

Artek 66 Chair

Expression of a classic and extraordinary versatile flair, over the years Chair 66 has become a universal design icon. Created by Alvar Aalto for Artek in 1935, this chair enhances the traditional wooden appeal through a creative and essential concept. Its construction logic is focused on comfort and flexibility, ensured by the broad and practical handle-like seat back. The Finnish birch crafting is both durable and lightweight and provides a seating experience beyond compare.

Alvar Aalto, founder of Artek.

Artek Domus
Artek REB 010 Kaari
Artek Rival
Artek REB Kaari
Artek 60 Stool

The Kaari collection comes from the collaboration between the two French designers Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec and Artek. A simple and smart design concept, the expression of a peculiar aesthetic appeal. The vertical load of table tops and shelves is held by a solid piece of wood, combined with an elegant arch-shaped bent steel band that provides another diagonal support. The whole collection is inspired by the lightweight and fluid silhouette of this element, as a matter of fact, in Finnish the name Kaari means “arch”.

Artek Karuselli
Artek Rocket

With its modern and innovative design concept, Rocket stands out among any canonic stool. Crafted in solid oak and available in white and black, it was originally created for Finnish designer Eero Aarnio’s home kitchen. The iconic stool radiates a dynamic and extremely playful personality, providing the Bar scene with a casual and avant-garde flair.

Artek A330S Golden Bell
Artek 41 “Paimio”

Conceived by Alvar Aalto in 1932 for the Paimio Sanatorium, 41 "Paimio" holds an exceptional aesthetic appeal. The frame is entirely made of laminated birch, with a bent plywood lacquered seat. The design appears fluid and linear, delicately enhanced by the conceptualization of the back and the seat created from one single piece of form-pressed plywood.

Artek 42 “Small Paimio”
Artek A330S Golden Bell
Artek 901 Tea Trolley
Artek 60 Stool

901 Tea Trolley is a sophisticated tea cart designed by Alvar Aalto in 1936. Inspired by the British tea culture, the structure of the trolley is made of two birch lamella loops, two shelves and a solid handle. The combination of the lightweight and appealing quality of birch and the functional twin wheels allows the trolley to be easily maneuvered and displaced at will.

Artek Karuselli

Standing out for its indomitable aesthetic appeal, Karuselli was conceived by the designer Yrjö Kukkapuro in 1964. It was an instant international success, the iconic seating became the symbol of an expressive and refined design, the combination of precise ergonomic functions with comfortable and embracing beautiful frames. Gio Ponti selected Karuselli for the cover of Domus in 1966 and Sir Terence Conran named it his favourite chair.

Artek Kaari
Artek 60 Stool
Artek 60 Stool
Artek A331 Beehive
Artek 901 Tea Trolley
Artek 41 "Paimio"
Artek Rocket
Artek 60 Stool

Its peculiar geometry allows the stool to be stacked in a spiralling tower sculpture to save space. Its simple and essential design has been ensuring it a relevant position in the international panorama for generations.

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