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Between trend and innovation.
The appeal of urban furniture.

Capturing the contemporary interior design scene, urban furniture style has enriched current outdoor atmospheres with its simple yet revolutionary approach. Neutral colours and minimalist looks become the absolute protagonists of every outdoor composition, expressing the living experience through a modern concept defined by a chic and dynamic style.

Hay Palissade Outdoor Collection
Petite Friture Week-End Lounge Chair

Week-end is a refined garden chair entirely made of metal. Practical, elegant and comfortable, the seat features an oval and circular shape with horizontal and vertical slats, a durable and highly impactful piece of furniture for urban spaces.

Muuto Linear Steel Side Chair
Ethimo Knit Coffee Table – Stromboli Black

The sophisticated Knit coffee table lights up the atmosphere of any outdoor space, bringing on stage its Stromboli Black colour. Innovation and creativity merge, giving rise to a typically urban furniture design, thought to improve the quality of living spaces.

B&B Italia Maru Side Table

Conceived by Nipa Doshi and Jonathan Levien for B&B Italia, Maru is a dynamic urban coffee table. Available in marble, wood or extra-light glass, it features a die cast aluminium structure with three durable aluminium legs. Provided with incredible modernity, it is perfect to enrich experiential moments with endless class and elegance.

Fast Forest Outdoor Armchair
Fast Forest Outdoor Armchair
Ames Circo Flower Pot 2
Fast Ria Sofa

Ria ignites the desire of living outdoor spaces in classic and contemporary atmospheres, wrapping you in a soft hug. Revealing a combination of absolute comfort and functional practicality, the precious sofa presents a refined woven rope structure that rises the tactile effect and softness.

Fermob Kintbury Kintbury Chair

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