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Craftsmanship and Innovation in
Carl Hansen & Søn.
The prestigious allure of Nordic design.

On the occasion of the Salone del Mobile 2021, Carl Hansen & Søn invites you to explore new designs by Ole Wanscher, Fabricius Kastholm and Ilse Crawford as they take on Hans J. Wegner‘s masterpieces and the design approach of Kaare Klint, father of Danish Modern.

Beauty, craftsmanship and sustainability become part of the aesthetics of each product, masterfully imagined and crafted to move and amaze. A statement of quality and excellence that has been celebrating the prestigious charm of Nordic design for generations.

OW58 T-Chair

Carl Hansen & Søn OW58 T-Chair

Reflecting the creative vein of Danish designer Ole Wanscher, T-Chair challenges the art of possibility with its invaluable personality. A great example of high-end carpentry that combines classic lines with modern aesthetics, creating a seating experience based on excellent comfort. The most striking detail are the T-shaped backrest joints, hence the name, which blend in harmony with the back legs, giving the piece a refined and elegant three-leg look.

Carl Hansen & Søn OW58 T-Chair

E300-350 Embrace

Carl Hansen & Søn E300-350 Embrace
Carl Hansen & Søn E300-350 Embrace
Carl Hansen & Søn E300-350 Embrace

From the four-handed work of Carl Hansen & Søn with the EOOS design firm, comes the Embrace Sofa, a flexible wood-framed modular sofa that merges rigorous geometric expression with flexible comfort. Staging the finest craftsmanship, it enhances EOOS's strong sense of contemporary aesthetics and Carl Hansen & Son's artisanal history in the best possible way. This soft sofa features a total of ten combinable modules, a wooden frame and a soft down layer that provides, alongside the cozy cushions, a smooth and warming comfort.

FK10 | FK11 Plico

Conceived by the Danish design duo Fabricius Kastholm, the Plico chair is a rare example of high-end design that enhances comfort and aesthetics. Essential and yet rich in precious details, the folding chair takes up as little space as possible when not in use, while providing invaluable seating comfort when open.

Carl Hansen & Søn FK10 | FK11 Plico
Carl Hansen & Søn FK10 | FK11 Plico

The solid oak frame is shaped for stability, the leather arms confer a refined expression, the visible brass fittings give a hint of elegance, and the seat and cushions provide an extra layer of comfort.

BM0488S Panca

Designed in 1958 by Børge Mogensen, Carl Hansen & Søn reinterprets the versatile design of the table bench from a modern perspective, crafting it from solid oak with furniture joints, rounded edges and a woven wicker seat.

The multifunctional piece is part of Mogensen's ""construction furniture"" concept: durable projects that adapt with flexibility over time, meeting ever-changing living scenarios. In fact, the eclectic BM0488 is used both as an entryway bench and as a coffee table or side table, its design exudes a timeless appeal.

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