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Elle Decor & Mohd.
Living Inspiration: Modular charm and Compositional freedom.

The collaboration between Elle Decor & Mohd results in a fourth inspirational space that tells a story of compositional freedom set in the living room. Modular solutions are able to redefine with class the open space, crossing the boundaries of imagination thanks to countless chromatic nuances and compositions. The sofas, bookcases and lighting systems conceived by brands such as B&B Italia, Flos, Cassina

B&B Italia Camaleonda
Flos Arco

Camaleonda is an acknowledged design masterpiece designed by Mario Bellini in 1970. The modular system radiates a timeless appeal that has pervaded many ages and generations, asserting itself as a classic piece of priceless beauty. The exceptional versatility of the sofa lies in its peculiar modular essence. Countless modules come together like the original pieces of a puzzle, shaping ever-changing and extremely innovative compositions. The padded seats, armrests and backrests run across its curved silhouette with neat firmness, ensuring a seating experience defined by comfort and dynamism.

B&B Italia Tufty-Time
B&B Italia Tufty-Time
Edra On the rocks
Edra On the rocks
Vibia Sticks
Vibia Sticks
Vibia Sticks
Artemide Linea
Flos Diversion

Diversion is an innovative lighting system designed by Piero Lissoni for Flos. Running along the spaces with sophisticated diffusion patterns, the countless luminous effects and geometrical shapes fit any setting to perfection. Its signature feature is its utter flexibility. Diversion is, in fact, provided with modular elements, luminous lines and small spots that capture the eye, creating endless configurations for a balanced and classy lighting solution.

Gallotti&Radice Coockies
Cassina Torei 381
Cassina Miloe
Cassina P22
Nemo Parliament
Cassina 8 Cube
Cassina Torei 381
FontanaArte Bilia
Living Divani Extrasoft
Living Divani Extrasoft
Ligne Roset Asmara
Gufram Cactus
Ligne Roset Asmara

Conceived by Bernard Govin in 1968 and revisited in its new version by Ligne Roset, Asmara conquers the spaces and enfolds them in a delicate hug. The sofa stands out for its voluminous frame, perfect to extend the compositional horizon of the living room and to enjoy deep and comfortable experiences. Its modular soul radiates an intense contemporary charm that suits any space and atmosphere.

Paolo Castelli Vao
Paola Lenti Agio
B&B Italia Jack
B&B Italia Jack
Cattelan Italia Airport
Porada Domino
DePadova 606

Exhibiting an elegant sculptural appeal, the timeless 606 wall-mounted system enters the living spaces with brave versatility. The bookshelf is entirely made of matte black or white satin-finish anodized aluminum and boasts a strong expressive flair, perfect to customize the spaces with original creativity. Its essential and refined style rethinks the open space, involving precious modularity and functional aesthetic solutions.

Fogia Bond
Fogia Bond
Mdf Italia Mia
MDF Italia Random
Mdf Italia Flow Low
Lago 30 mm Weightless

Opening its doors to creativity and imagination, the Superonda sofa burst into the international design panorama in 1966, conceived by Archizoom Associati. The system was destined to become an icon of modernity and to challenge any convention, merging the principles of lightness and versatility. Its aesthetic value is defined by the modular and dynamic characteristic of the base: the interlocking and overlapping of two waves obtained from polyurethane block cut into two parts. Superonda was the first sofa without a conventional frame, giving rise to a new way of thinking the seating experience.

MDF Italia Random
Poltronova Superonda
Poltronova Superonda

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