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Facets of Light. The precious creations by Santa & Cole.

Since 1985, Santa & Cole has been telling a story of beauty and innovation, holding a prominent position in the international art and design panorama. Driven by the desire of pursuing a bold work on experimentation, the brand produces unique, authentic collections that merge classic and contemporary style. From furniture to lighting, each creation is the fruit of a meticulous love for details and a refined aesthetic taste, highlighted by the authors’ revolutionary talent.

Santa&Cole Cirio Circular

Inspired by the majestic lamps of the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Cirio Circular is a pendant lamp designed by Antoni Arola for Santa & Cole. Countless compositions enrich a multitude of atmospheres and settings, thanks to the harmonious mixture of several shades combined with the LED sockets. The refined porcelain of Sargadelos (Galicia, Spain) merges with the translucent opal glass and with the elegance of brass, producing spectacular luminous effects.

Santa&Cole Cirio Lineal
Santa&Cole Estadio Linea
Santa&Cole Estadio

Initially conceived for the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games, Estadio is a pendant designed by Miguel Milá for Santa & Cole. A precious crown of light embraces the atmosphere, echoing the majestic cast iron medieval chandeliers found in palaces and cathedrals. The frame features a tubular structure with glass blocks on the outside, ideal to make light shine deep.

Santa&Cole M68
Santa&Cole GT 1000
Santa&Cole Leonardo

Designed by Lluís Dilmé, Xavier Fabré, Eulàlia Serra and Ignasi de Solà-Morales for Santa&Cole, Liceo fills large contemporary settings with warm and dramatic lighting effects. This particular flower-shaped pendant lamp is made of brass, with bronze net lampshade.

Santa&Cole Liceo
Santa&Cole Digamma
Santa&Cole Maija
Santa&Cole Subeybaja

Zeleste is a table lamp made from white alabaster that evokes an exquisite Art Déco design. Part of the Snark collection with the famous Babel lamp, the refined creation reminds of an ancient and precious illuminated Grail. Its peculiar aesthetic value is determined by the alabaster, a translucent stone with warm and enveloping hues.

Santa&Cole Zeleste
Santa&Cole Wally
Santa&Cole Americàna
Santa&Cole Cestita
Santa&Cole Sylvestrina
Santa&Cole Tripode
Santa&Cole Corso
Santa & Cole Tatu

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