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Flos icons. The unseen forms of lighting masterpieces.

A balance between people, places, things.

Flos makes its entrance at the Salone del Mobile 2021 introducing some of its masterpieces in a whole new form. True luminous artworks that have spanned years of history and innovation, shaping the landscape of living and writing a new chapter in the tradition of international design.

The past and future of Parentesi, the genius of Jasper Morrison in the creation of Oplight, the invaluable charm of 265 Chromatica, a collection of design pages in perfect balance with each other, forever in everyone’s heart.

Parentesi 50

On the occasion of Supersalone 2021, Fabio Calvi, Paolo Brambilla and Flos present the new look of Parentesi, an icon of Italian industrial design. This modern reinterpretation of the luminous masterpiece is the result of a long philological process and comes in a range of new colors, Signal Orange and Turquoise. A project that celebrates its 50th birthday and honors the authentic design work of Pio Manzù and Achille Castiglioni.

Parentesi is light, innovation, dynamism, it is an object that allows impossible connections, evoking the idea of magic. Its hybrid character reflects the fluidity of our time much better than many objects around us, the system is in fact equipped with a simple light bulb that completes a 360-degrees rotation, unveiling a design that will make you fall in love.

“The idea was: you buy it, you mount it.”

Giovanna Castiglioni

The respect for the original idea behind Parentesi is evident above all in the choice made by architects Calvi Brambilla to draw on the imagination of its creators. For the special edition that celebrates its 50th anniversary, the selected colors are Turquoise and Signal Orange: the former dear to Castiglioni, the latter to Manzù, who used it for his prototypes.


A bold exercise in simplicity, the Oplight wall lamp echoes the idea of a musical note on a pentagram, or, as stated by its creator:

"The most obvious, definitive shape a wall light could be".

The luminous icon created by Jasper Morrison for Flos looks by all accounts like a future-proof lamp, destined to last a long time and to delineate spaces with its essential elegance. The epitome of Super Normal, a recurring theme in Morrison's work, Oplight is able to enrich the atmosphere without being invasive or even overt.

265 Chromatica

Almost fifty years after the debut of the famous 265 wall lamp, designed by Paolo Rizzatto, Flos presents 265 Chromatica, a new and exclusive re-edition. According to an explicit wish expressed by Rizzatto himself and developed with Calvi Brambilla, design curator at Flos, the colour becomes a design element that defines the project.

In fact, the shade, the weight and the adjustable arm are enhanced by different colours, aimed at highlighting the function of each part. Chromatica can be adjusted in any direction, lighting up the space and surprising the observer.

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