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Lost in decoration: The eclectic style of Modern Rugs.

Modern rugs are precious decorative elements that welcome our footsteps and enhance the spaces of our homes. Expressive, eclectic, refined, they define the boundaries of dwelling through minimalist and colorful compositions, with unique and surprising frames. Whether round, square or irregular, with geometrical or abstract patterns, contemporary rugs become harmonious mosaics that merge manufacturing with new technologies, weaving the threads of a design made of bold contemporaneity. Iconic brands like CC-Tapis and Amini have created precious tailoring masterpieces, perfect for furnishing sophisticated and classy atmospheres.

Amini Diamantina

“Playful freshness and bright colors characterize the collection by the illustrious designer, a master in composition and decoration.”


Amini Labirinto

Labirinto is a refined contemporary rug designed by Gio Ponti. The symmetrical pattern and the chromatic contrast between the background and its features provide the piece with three-dimensionality and depth, drawing the contour of an essential and sophisticated design.

Amini Labirinto
Vitra Potence

Sorrento is a handwoven wool and silk rug, part of a unique collection of rugs produced by Amini. Its creation was inspired by the precious ceramics designed for the floors of Hotel Parco Principi, in the town of Vietri, by Gio Ponti, the father of modern architecture. An incomparable designer piece defined by proportioned colors, shapes and patterns, skillfully handwoven in natural silk and Tibetan wool.

Amini Sorrento
CC-Tapis Mindscape
CC-Tapis Feather
B&B Italia Camaleonda
CC-Tapis Feather

Feathers is a sophisticated collection of rugs designed by Maarten De Ceulaer for CC-Tapis. Each rug is entirely handwoven in wool and Himalayan silk and reveals the artist's passion for the ornithological world. De Ceulaer has scanned and digitally illustrated different bird species, reimagining abstract patterns and tones into new creations. The illustrations have given rise to singular and refined rugs, handwoven by expert artisans from Nepal.

Segni Minimi is Giuseppe Di Costanzo's artistic masterpiece for CC-Tapis, a collection of modern rugs made with a cotton weave and Himalayan wool. A harmonious combination of abstract lines and geometrical shapes outlines a continuous and fluid movement, just like ink intersections on a sheet of paper. An original and elegant design, given by a careful selection of high-quality materials and fabrics, fits any setting with utter elegance thanks to the modularity of its chromatic compositions.

CC-Tapis Tidal
Wiener GTV Design Loïe
CC-Tapis Tidal
cc-tapis Fuga
CC-Tapis Super Fake
CC-Tapis Mindscape
CC-Tapis Swarm
CC-Tapis Patcha
Giovannetti Anfibio
Arper Bardi’s Bowl
CC-Tapis Lines
Poltronova Ultrafragola
CC-Tapis Stroke
CC-Tapis Archer
CC-Tapis Archer
CC-Tapis Cultivate

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