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Outdoor vibes.
The art of dreaming outside.

The upcoming spring. The perfume of the sun, of the air, of nature. The desire to get back in the open air, no matter where, but with whom. The outdoor spaces that come back to colour, to life, to a new-found normal. Private dinners, apéritifs, dips in the pool or barbecues in the terrace. Design is always the protagonist, the accomplice of unique atmospheres, of true moments of life. Materials designed and produced to be lived outside, outdoor, to coexist with nature and to last in time.
Great designers and great brands, unique products in quality and innovation. All this and much more in the 2021 outdoor selection by Mohd.

Dedon Orbit Daybed
Tribù Pavilion
Gloster Cradle
Ethimo Rafael

Reflecting a refined compositional dialogue, Rafael combines the precious artisanal manufacture of teak with the sapient chromatic nuances of the textiles, giving rise to a tasteful and comfortable aesthetic value.

Manutti Torsa Table
Manutti Radius Chair
Tribù Madame Cachet
Tribù Madame Latoque
Tribù Elio Lounge
Tribù Monsieur Lebonnet

Radiating a powerful seductive charm, Elio excels for its sensual and enwrapping identity. With its high back and deep seat, the teak structure is enhanced by the rope, woven upwards to provide the piece with a warm and embracing allure.

Manutti Solid CH41
Manutti Torsa Table
Manutti Kobo Armchair

Combining profound comfort and timeless aesthetics, Kobo expresses marvellous technical complexity with dauntless charm. The structure is entirely made of hand-woven rope around a welded aluminium frame, delicate features that encourage seating experiences full of relaxation.

Tribù Mood Daybed
Tribù Dunes
Tribù Lantern
Roda Spool Armchair
Roda Spool Sofa
Dedon Ahnda
Dedon Dala

With its generous proportions and revolutionary figure, Dala conveys the harmonious fusion of quality and style. Provided with incomparable durability, the armchair ensures experiential moments of endless relaxation without giving up on sophisticated visual comfort.

Tribù Madame Cachet
Tribù Monsieur Lebonnet
Tribù Nomad
Tribù Kos
Tribù Elio Lounge
Tribù Vis à Vis Sofa
Tribù Mood Lounge Chair
Tribù Dunes
GandiaBlasco Solanas Modular
GandiaBlasco Solanas Armchair
Manutti Flex
Gloster Mistral Coffee Table
Gloster Mistral Sofa
Gloster Mistral Ottoman
Gloster Mistral Armchair

The sophisticated silhouette of Mistral by Gloster combines the prestigious processing of teak and the softness of textiles, expressing an intimate and enfolding aesthetic appeal. Subtle lines and neutral colours compose intense and seducing atmospheres, perfect for those who want to spend a day of cosy tranquillity.

Dedon Kida

Giving in to the swinging of Kida to feel "as free as the breeze". The inviting lounge chair, with its cradle-like and welcoming figure, flawlessly embodies the ideas of comfort and wellbeing. Open, airy, light, Kida is the perfect place to relish outdoor spaces in total relax, surrounded by pleasant beauty.

Tribù Nomad
Tribù Natal Alu
Tribù Senja Sofa
Roberti Key West
Dedon Brixx

Brixx stands out for its versatile, functional and refined appeal, perfect to enrich any outdoor setting. In a harmonious juxtaposition of geometric shapes, the modular system makes it possible to customize the sofa according to one's taste, playing with multiple and delicate chromatic shades.

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