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Tacchini reissues Pigreco chair, the first 1959 project by Tobia Scarpa

Tobia Scarpa’s design debut, who conceived this chair in 1959 as final degree project for his architecture studies at the University of Venice, Pigreco chair is a design icon that conveys a sense of lightness and of “space”. Simple and durable lines provide the piece with an idea of dynamism.


“After so many years, I look at it and […] to me, personally, nothing has changed. In my opinion, I don’t feel the need to express whether there is a “better” or a “worst”, for me it is always the same chair.”

Tobia Scarpa

“In the field of chairs, I don’t see what else is left to be invented, but this seems to me to be more than enough. ”

Tobia Scarpa

Tacchini Pigreco

Tacchini presents the first 2021 novelty: the reissue of Pigreco chair, introduced by the brand in new finishes and materials for a contemporary home. Several years later, the designer rediscovers an unvaried elegance in the relationship between the various elements of the piece.

The chair is the outcome of designer Tobia Scarpa's youthful intuitions, who wanted to create an object that would be able to impart a "sense of space", representing the idea of dynamism through a single piece.

Tacchini Pigreco
Tacchini Pigreco
Tacchini Pigreco

The designer conceived a chair with four legs, two of which are very close together, to improve the structural strength of the piece. The curved backrest is supported by the legs, and their triangular arrangement reveals a perfect sense of balance. The five curved wooden layers provide Pigreco with an unmistakable visible and decorative graphic signature.

Tacchini Pigreco
Tacchini Pigreco

This design choice gives the chair and its technical and stylistic features a unique lightness through which nothing is revealed, but everything is explicit.

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