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Tom Dixon.
The Grand Tour between Luminosity and Materiality.

On the occasion of the Design Week, Tom Dixon returns to the heart of Milan and picks the city as the first stop on his “Grand Tour” of Europe. This year, the theme of the campaign will be “Luminosity”, inspired by the artist’s idea of investigating how optics and light can improve spaces. In his showroom, the restaurant on Via Manzoni, he will be presenting some of his masterpieces in new and exclusive versions, taking you on a journey where design has the power to excite and amaze. From the prestigious MELT chandeliers to the PRESS lights in reflective glass, once again Tom Dixon turns light into a sublime art form.

A multifaceted and talented artist, Tom Dixon has taken the international design scene by storm with his eclectic and creative flair. After stepping onto the stage of the 1980s funk music scene, the Art Director and founder of the homonymous lighting brand made his grand entrance into the lighting industry, conceiving true poetic statements of light.

Tom Dixon Fat
Tom Dixon Beat Light Tall Brass
Tom Dixon Beat Light Fat Brass
Tom Dixon Beat Light Wide Brass
Tom Dixon Tube Table
Tom Dixon Beat Vassel Drop Brass

Celebrating the authentic value of craftsmanship, Beat creations look like luminous sculptures carved in space. Crafted in hand-spun brass by talented Indian artisans, they are welded, beaten and finally skimmed on a lathe with passion and skill. With their expressive minimalism, Beat lamps provide deep luminous effects, floating gracefully in the atmosphere.

Tom Dixon Copper Trio
Tom Dixon Copper Shade

Copper Shade is an ethereal mix of dynamism and brilliance, inspired by the artist's infatuation with the cutting-edge vacuum metallization process, generally used to make sunglasses and space helmet visors. Its highly reflective surface emits light through a warm metallic glow, permeating deep into the room.

Tom Dixon Void
Tom Dixon Scoop
Tom Dixon Scoop
Tom Dixon Beat Light Stout White
Tom Dixon Beat Light Wide White
Tom Dixon Beat Light Fat White
Tom Dixon Scoop
Tom Dixon Beat Vassel Drop Brass

Tom Dixon's constant investigation into pure forms finds its ultimate realization in Globe, an extraordinary grand chandelier with 12 lampshades. Elegant, majestic, almost eccentric, the mirrored globe captures the spotlight with its impactful features. The lampshades are arranged in a fixed composition with a single point construction, the LED light reveals a multitude of internal reflections that outline its pervasive charm.

Tom Dixon Wingback
Tom Dixon Copper Shade
Tom Dixon Melt Large Round
Tom Dixon Wingback Copper

Hypnotic and attractive, the Melt pendant lamp captures the scene with its deep, slightly hallucinogenic light. Its beautifully distorted shape and modern finish are crafted through a blow moulding and vacuum metallisation process, producing a warm glow when the lamp is on and a mirror-like effect when it is off. An organic, naturalistic lighting defined by a classy aesthetic is reminiscent of the inner core of a melting glacier or an enchanting galaxy.

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