5 sustainable projects from Milan Design Week 2022

15 July 2022

From the re-edition of an iconic sofa to the organic and breaking shapes of the new projects

“Sustainability” was undoubtedly one of the recurring words in the last edition of the Milano Design Week. From the talks scheduled within the Salone del Mobile to the installations of the Fuorisalone up, above all, to the projects introduced ed by the companies. Each with a different approach has sought the best way to face the challenge of sustainability with the collective awareness that it is the most important of this time. There are many experiments: from the recovery of production waste, to the search for recycled and recyclable plastics and to the lightening of the structures for transport with less impact. After all, companies with a strong personality and consolidated skills are able to transform challenges into an opportunity to push themselves beyond their limits and discover unknown creative resources. This is demonstrated by these 5 projects, conceived as new models of sustainable design: important because today they are news, tomorrow, perhaps, they will be the norm.

Metamorphosis by Fernando and Huberto Campana for Paola Lenti

The Metamorphosis project commissioned by Paola Lenti to the Campana brothers is perhaps one of the most disruptive of this edition of the show. First of all for the formal approach: courageous, organic, ironic. And in these characteristics, it takes on an unexpected form in relation to a theme such as sustainability, which tends to be declined in a composed and serious form.

The five seats and the tapestry, all in a limited edition, were conceived by the designers starting from the company’s processing waste and launch a very interesting message: from waste, art can / must be born.

Le Bambole by Mario Bellini for B&B Italia

B&B Italia chooses a completely different but equally valid path to embrace the theme of sustainability. Re-edit an authentic icon, studying ways to make it more respectful of the environment. This is the Le Bambole sofa (on the cover), designed by Mario Bellini in 1972: at the time its unusual shapes intrigued and are still avant-garde today. To this formal prestige, the company has combined a new type of shell in 98% recycled polyethylene, hollow inside and therefore lighter, on which the polyurethane foam is installed, in an amount 70% lower than the original design.

Re-Chair by Antonio Citterio for Kartell

Kartell also identifies its personal path towards sustainability with the Re-chair designed by Antonio Citterio. Lightness and versatility characteristics of the Kartell collections remain also in this seat, made entirely of recycled thermoplastic technopolymer with mineral filler. Also suitable for outdoor use and stackable, available in white, black, gray, green and dove gray, it is designed for the home and office, for the private and public sector. Kartell does not renounce its strengths and is the bearer of the culture of recycling.

Juri Re-plastic by Werner Aisslinger for Cappellini

Enveloping and comfortable, the Juri Re-plastic outdoor seat has a rounded shell made of recycled and recyclable polypropylene, reinforced with fiberglass. The polypropylene used derives from the transformation of the packages recovered from domestic users and allows energy consumption reduced by 56%. Austere in its gray finish, but versatile and comfortable, it is very resistant and can be used in private and contract places.

Re-Rug of Nanimarquina

Also in the Nanimarquina Re-rug collection, the challenge of sustainability becomes an opportunity to create something even more beautiful and precious. The Re-rug carpet collection is produced from waste yarn from the factories that work for the company. The scraps are collected and separated to give rise to the two models: colored and black and white. Subsequently, the yarns are manually broken down into small pieces and then mechanically transformed into new yarns. The fabrics made with these yarns are unique and the color shades unrepeatable.

Kartell Re-Chair
Kartell Re-Chair
Nanimarquina Re-Rug
Nanimarquina Re-Rug
B&B Italia Le Bambole
B&B Italia Le Bambole
Paola Lenti Metamorfosi
Paola Lenti Metamorfosi

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