& Tradition introduces a limited edition of Little Petra

4 October 2022

Little Petra VB1

Small, refined details make this comfortable and revolutionary seat even more captivating

It’s called Little Petra and in her name, it already contains one of its great qualities: the compact size that does not sacrifice comfort. This armchair, designed in 1938 by the Danish Viggo Boesen, has a depth of 85cm and a width of 80cm, enaugh to make it comfortable but also contained and therefore suitable for domestic interiors of all kinds as well as for those intimate and cozy corners of the house where one or two seats immediately create a space for relaxation or conversation. When Boesen introduced it for the first time it was immediately greeted with success and became the icon of the funkis style characterized by soft and generous shapes, a completely new and different aesthetic compared to the classical canons of the Bauhaus and the Danish style in vogue in the first half of the ‘900. It was a breakthrough project but at the same time retained the typical lines and shapes of Scandinavian design, on the other hand at the time this armchair was only made to order by a trusted craftsman from Boesen. Only thirty units were produced and only eighty years later, in 2018, the project was taken over by &Tradition and put back into production.

When &Tradition first discovered the design of this armchair, they found rolled up papers full of dust in their hands. But it was immediately clear that the patina of time had kept something important. Boesen was not one of the most famous Danish designers but today we can appreciate his courage to experiment with a design approach that was unprecedented at the time, almost subversive, which questioned functionalist rigor and invited greater relaxation. Its seats with organic shapes were designed to accommodate the body in a soft and very natural way. He knew how to reconcile visual lightness with structural solidity because his intention was to create furniture made to last. Boesen has brought a touch of informal warmth and a familiar sense to Scandinavian design, and thanks to his imprint we can now introduce small jewels such as Little Petra into our interiors.

It is a low armchair with a wide, round, and enveloping backrest, whose shape greatly characterizes the overall appearance. Looking at it from the side, you can see the joint between the backrest and the seat: a structural and decorative idea at the same time. The classic model is upholstered in the characteristic soft sheepskin fabric and neutral colors that makes it the ideal refuge for a moment of relaxation but also a sophisticated and refined piece of furniture. But it is also available in more traditional fabrics, always in sober shades.

Little Petra VB1

It is a familiar and informal design made precious by the manufacturing to which it owes the light, essential as prescribed by the Danish school, it manages to compensate for its austerity through the curves and the tactile and visual consistency devoted to comfort. It is the details that make up the identity of this project and this is even more true about the limited edition that & Tradition has just introduced for Little Petra. It is an edition totally faithful to the original enriched with some precious details. The solid brass feet are like discreet jewels worn on the oiled walnut legs, in perfect harmony with the sheepskin upholstery.

The choice of these additional materials was made with three aspects in mind: the tactile experience, first, devoted to pleasure and warmth. The craftsmanship accent, which tells the quality of production and respect for materials. Finally, the passage of time: Little Petra is a piece of furniture made to last and its natural materials are allowed to show the passing of the years, which makes them even more intense and interesting.

&Tradition Little Petra – Limited Edition
&Tradition Little Petra – Limited Edition
&Tradition Little Petra
&Tradition Little Petra

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