Design Anniversary: ​​the design icons to celebrate in 2022

21 October 2022

Archibald Limited Edition Poltrona Frau

Celebrating the anniversaries of design icons is a precious opportunity to rediscover them and learn about their history

Which design icons are celebrating important anniversaries in 2022? It is an opportunity to rediscover some of the most brilliant projects in the history of design, go back in time and indulge in a reflection on the social roots of the formal choices originally made as well as on the value of that project today. Anniversaries are also often an opportunity to re-edit iconic furnishings, remaining faithful to the original projects but at the same time enhancing them with a new look, expanding the color palette available or launching limited collectible editions. Here, then, are the main protagonists of the 2022 anniversaries: a journey through time and beauty in which each project is a significant step to be rediscovered.

PK0 A ™ by Poul Kjærholm for Fritz Hansen

Double anniversary for Fritz Hansen who in 2022 celebrates the 150th anniversary of the company’s birth but also the 70th anniversary of the first edition of the PK0 A ™ session. Conceived in 1952 in the early years in which the designer worked for Fritz Hansen, it is an excellent example of his eclectic style and the freedom of expression that the company, with great foresight, offered him.

PK0 Fritz Hansen

It was only put into production in 1997 in a limited edition with the name of PK0 ™ and only 600 copies have been put into circulation so far. The anniversary edition, with the name of PK0 A ™ has been updated with a stronger structure and retains all the iconic and modernist charm of its origins.

Archibald by Jean-Marie Massaud for Poltrona Frau

Enveloping and generous Archibald (on the cover) was born from the pencil of Jean-Marie Massaud as a comfortable but sober armchair, elegant and suitable for any type of living room. On his tenth birthday, Poltrona Frau decided to give it a whole new twist, entrusting an artist, Felipe Pantone, with the interpretation of a new upholstery fabric. The result? A mix between analog and digital thanks to the pattern that reproduces the pixel graphics in a lively but elegant chromatic composition made of shades of red and blue softened by white.

Archibald Limited Edition Poltrona Frau

Cactus® by Guido Drocco and Franco Mello for Gufram

Gufram’s Cactus® is one of the most identifying projects of the radical design of the 1970s. Introduced in 1972, it turns 50 today, without its innovative scope accusing the passing of the years. It is the meeting point between design and art but also an ironic and informal interpretation of furniture design, an invitation to fly over things lightly and allow yourself a smile.

The fiftieth anniversary is an opportunity to decline Cactus® in a pop key with the limited edition inspired by the style of Andy Warhol: an encounter between pop art and pop design.

Ekstrem ™ by Terje Ekstrøm for Varier

Scandinavian design in a whole new, disruptive, and surprising guise is at the root of Ekstrem ™, the seat designed by the Norwegian Terje Ekstrøm in 1982 and produced by Varier, a company devoted to ergonomics declined in a creative key. On his fortieth birthday, the chair is offered in a new fabric, velvety to the touch and knitted.

Ekstrem Varier

Le Bambole by Mario Bellini for B&B Italia

In 1972 Mario Bellini interprets the classic forms of the sofa with a collection in which softness and abundance dominate the scene. Le Bambole is a sofa with clean lines and an abundant profile and to celebrate its 50th anniversary, B&B Italia introduces the 3-seater version (Granbambola) and a new version, in the name of the circular design, of the Bambola armchair, of the two-seater Bibambola sofa and the Bamboletto double bed.

Quaderna by Superstudio for Zanotta

1972 is also the year in which Zanotta puts into production Quaderna, a futuristic concept created by Superstudio, which is identified in Measure M: a grid of squares with a 3cm center distance to be ideally declined indefinitely.

The fiftieth anniversary is an opportunity to introduce a new series of furnishings from this iconic collection: the desk, the coffee table, and the carpet.

Poltrona Frau Archibald
Gufram Cactus Coat Hangers
Varier Ekstrem
Varier Ekstrem
B&B Italia Le Bambole
Zanotta Quaderna Consolle

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