Antoniolupi and the new shapes for the bathroom

20 September 2022

Ala Antoniolupi

The formal evolution of the bathroom according to Antoniolupi between innovative lines and attention to detail

Antoniolupi is one of the brands that most of all, and in advance, were able to intercept the direction in which bathroom design is evolving. Becoming an increasingly integral part of the house, from a stylistic, structural and functional point of view. Stylistic because in the bathroom there is now the same attention to detail lavished in the public spaces of the house and the same attention to elements such as light, the color palette and the mix of materials. Structural because the boundaries between the bathroom and the sleeping area are less and less clear and the hybrid spaces that are dedicated to well-being and comfort which is reductive to define bathrooms. Functional, because more and more time is spent in this environment: no longer just the strictly necessary for personal cleaning, but also the extended time of well-being and beauty. For some time, Antoniolupi has directed its formal and structural research in the direction of this triple change, expressing meticulous attention to detail, finishing and function. A passage that allows some collections to cross the threshold of the bathroom to integrate naturally into other rooms of the house.

Ala by Carlo Colombo

The Ala project by Carlo Colombo (on the cover) is the quintessence of this design transition: the heart of the collection is an L-shaped element that acts as a shelf. Essential and elegant, it can accommodate the washbasin in the bathroom but also containers, accessories, and personal care products. It can be anchored to the wall or placed on the floor and is available lacquered in various colors or in wood essence. It can be backlit and in this capacity, it is a scenic and functional presence even in environments other than the bathroom: from the bedroom to the living room.

Ala Antoniolupi

Cactus by Brian Sironi

Cactus by Brian Sironi is a functional and decorative element inspired by the outdoors: in its name and shape it evokes the stylized lines of the cactus and is available not only in green but also in opaque white and in all the colors of the Antoniolupi palette. It is a painted steel tube to which a series of hooks at different heights are welded. The result is a brand-new towel and bathrobe holder, with an ironic and familiar design that can be placed in the bathroom but also in other rooms of the house, thanks to the variety of colors offered.

Cactus Antoniolupi

Letteramuta by Gumdesign

Industrial inspiration and attention to detail are the starting point for the Letteramuta project: a shelf, an essential and discreet element of the house, which draws inspiration from the beam, an indispensable and fundamental structure of the building. A dialogue between macro and micro architectural world that results in an element suitable not only for the bathroom and enriched by the possibility of integrating an LED light located both in the upper and lower part, to illuminate and warm the atmosphere.

Letteramuta di Antoniolupi

Wave by Doriana and Massimiliano Fuksas

Introduced at the latest edition of the Salone del Mobile in Milan, Wave is a refined freestanding washbasin in marble, with an unprecedented shape, fluid and dynamic like a wave. Sculpture and movement come together in this project that enhances the beauty of Carrara marble and brings a precious and sophisticated element to the bathroom.

Wave Antoniolupi

Ofuro by Carlo Colombo

The Ofuro bathtub is a tribute to the Japanese bathing ritual, an intention to restore a precious and lost sacredness to that moment. The shape is circular and has a lower side that invites you to enter. The edge of the tub has a variable thickness to give rise to small shelves on which to store bathroom accessories. Ofuro can also be equipped with LED light to make the bathroom ritual even more magical.

Ofuro di Antoniolupi
Antoniolupi Letteramuta Shelf
Antoniolupi Letteramuta Shelf
Antoniolupi Ofuro Bathtub
Antoniolupi Ofuro Bathtub

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