Arc floor lamps: between design icons and contemporary pieces

7 October 2022


Scenic and functional, the arc lamp is a discreet and sophisticated presence in the home interior

It is a floor lamp disguised as a suspended lamp: this is the secret of the success of the arc lamp, a twentieth century expedient to solve the need for light from above in the absence of a light point on the ceiling. Before, there were reading or gaming lamps, which made up for their excessive bulk and lack of practicality. The first, disruptive, innovation was carried out by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, with the Arco project for Flos: telescopic and made stable by the important marble base. It was the inspiration for many of the projects that followed, some of which we will see below. The arc lamp is perfect in a living room corner but also on a dining table, as well as in an entrance. After all, the reason for its success is not only due to its versatility but also to the nature of its light: relaxing and discreet, it welcomes and illuminates in a soft way.

Arco by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni for Flos

As we said, the Arco lamp by Flos was the spark that ignited the evolution of this type of light. Designed in 1962, it has remained current over the course of these sixty years in a surprising way. Its strengths are the marble base, sculptural and sophisticated, and the ability to adjust the extension of the telescopic stem. The essential and austere reflector, in polished aluminum, is adjustable.

Arco by Flos

Twiggy by Marc Sadler for Foscarini

A curved floor lamp: this is the idea of ​​Marc Sadler, at the basis of the project for Twiggy. Familiar, ironic, colorful presence that naturally fits into an informal interior but also knows how to integrate into an elegant context, thanks to its essential lines and the different colors available. A few examples? Iconic in red, bold in black, ethereal in white.

Foscarini Twiggy

Ozz by Paolo Cappello and Simone Sabatti for Miniforms

Ozz (on the cover) is a family of lamps with a contemporary taste in which the arched variant is characterized by the concrete base with a vaguely industrial style. Softened by the grace of the stem which then opens into a delicate cone-shaped lampshade, with a white interior to improve the quality of light.

Ozz by Miniforms

Bul-Bo by Gabetti and Isola for Axolight

Bul-bo is a rebel lamp with a prestigious history behind it. It was part of a series of furnishings designed for the Olivetti Residential Center in Ivrea and Axolight put it back into production while retaining its original vocation: ironic, informal, and ingenious. The base is in leather and evokes the shape of a bulb rooted in the ground, instead of the classic lampshade a shape reproduces the profile of a light bulb.

bulbo axolight

Caule by Patricia Urquiola for Flos

The movement of the stem of Caule is reminiscent of that of a flower whose corolla bends gracefully towards the ground. It is no coincidence: Caule is an outdoor lamp designed to integrate with the elements of nature but at the same time retain its contemporary and gritty profile.

Caule by Flos

Yumi by Shigeru Ban for FontanaArte

In Japanese Yumi means arch: a simple and essential idea of ​​great elegance that is expressed in the shape of a blade of grass gently moved by the wind. In an interior project, it is inserted as a graphic, subtle, and discreet sign, bringing light and elegance.

FontanaArte Yumi

Lady Costanza by Paolo Rizzato for Luceplan

The large lampshade of this lamp makes it classic and elegant, while the stem gives it a touch of contemporary minimalism. And of functionality, since it is a telescopic rod that can be adjusted. At the base, a handle allows you to easily move the lamp, to accommodate every need.

lady costanza by luceplan

Standing lamp n.1 by Valerie Objects

A curved graphic line that ends with a light bulb: this floor light is ironic, informal, and familiar. It is like a contemporary sculpture and thanks to the chromatic finishes available – including blue, green, gray, brass and black – it can take on a now lively and now romantic look.

n1 by valerie objects

Fox by Bernhard Osann for Nemo

Fox is an arc lamp with a minimalist and contemporary style. The structure is in matt black aluminum and is composed of a circular base, a thin stem, and a cylindrical spotlight with an optional honeycomb filter, which acts as an anti-glare and makes the light more diffused.

fox by nemo
Flos Arco
Axolight Bul-Bo
Flos Caule
FontanaArte Yumi
FontanaArte Yumi
Foscarini Twiggy
Foscarini Twiggy
Luceplan Lady Costanza
Valerie Object N°1 Floor Lamp
Nemo Fox
Miniforms Ozz Wall Lamp
Miniforms Ozz Wall Lamp

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