The art of living outdoors “à la française”

1 August 2023

tandem ego paris

With comfortable, refined, and modular furnishings by Ego Paris

Designing outdoor space is one of the priorities right now: gardens, courtyards and terraces are undergoing a great renaissance and are rediscovered by everyone as a resource for broadening one’s domestic horizons, to be experienced more and more fully. And living them “in the French way” means furnishing them with that natural elegance typical of this style, that innate taste for beauty. A beauty that is identified with the right proportions, interesting but discreet color palettes and formal experiments that are never an end in themselves but rather aimed at greater comfort, even visually. And starting from this concept of elegance, the brothers Nicolas, Yvan and Jean Sommereux founded the company Ego Paris in 2004, specializing precisely in outdoor furniture, starting from a research on the potential of aluminum. Each member of the family has assumed a function within the company whose production takes place in the workshop created in the town of Belleville, not far from Lyon. The furnishings are designed to be beautiful and comfortable but also versatile and respond to needs that change over time. Modularity is another recurring aspect of the collections, designed to be customized for the space and for those who live in it.

Kama by Benjamin Ferriol

The main added value of Benjamin Ferriol’s Kama collection is modularity: it consists of a wide range of sofas, coffee tables, beds and armchairs that can be combined with each other, and even individually can be interpreted in different ways. The basic material is aluminum which characterizes not only the structure but also the aesthetics through the large frames that form the base, armrests and backrest in the seats and structure of the tables. Aluminum that can be left in its characteristic color or painted by choosing one of the many colors available, to match the upholstery.

kama ego paris

Sutra by Design Studio 5.5

The modularity of the Kama collection is taken up and enhanced by the Sutra collection by Studio 5.5. in which, alongside the aluminium, wood comes into play which heats up and makes the design even more interesting. Instead of thick elements, we find thin strips of wood and aluminum that often intertwine and create interesting visual effects and a play of light and shadow that transforms the scenario as the hours go by.

Tandem by Thomas Sauvage

Aluminum is also the protagonist in the Tandem collection by Thomas Sauvage (on the cover), but it takes on a completely different form compared to the previous ones. Generous curves and large volumes give life to relaxed seats: in the sunbeds, with an asymmetrical design, the backrest can be reclined and on the side, there is a comfortable support surface in teak or Corian®. For the conversation area, the armchairs with the coffee table modules are perfect.

tandem ego paris

Hive by Fabrice Berrux

The hexagonal geometry of the beehive is the formal starting point for the design of the Hive collection by Fabrice Berrux. The love seat is much appreciated: halfway between a two-seater sofa and a chaise longue, it has an enveloping backrest and invites you to relax in an informal way.

hive ego paris


Modularity and versatility are the specific characteristics of the Extrados table collection, designed within the company and therefore significant of its vision. The creative find that differentiates it from all the other tables is a central element that can be interpreted in different ways by acting as a chopping board, welcoming a plant, transforming into a container for fruit or table accessories.

extrados ego paris

Premiére Fish by Thomas Sauvage and Zamac by Ronan Masson

The Premiére fish seat by Thomas Sauvage is perfect for a moment of relaxation that has the flavor of a holiday: halfway between a sunbed and a deckchair, it recalls, in profile, the stylized silhouette of a fish and is offered in a wide color palette that invites you to experiment with lively combinations and combinations.

premier fish ego paris

Just as Zamac by Ronan Masson is a contemporary and elegant interpretation of the hammock, for informal but sophisticated furnishing compositions.

zamac ego paris

Cabines Gigognes Biarritz Cabin

The Cabine Gigogne is perfect for those who want to furnish their outdoor space with a truly special and evocative element of French style: a gazebo with sunbeds and banded awning that recalls the refined atmospheres of the beaches of the French Atlantic coast.

cabine gigogne by ego paris
EGO Paris Kama Sofa
EGO Paris Sutra
EGO Paris Sutra
EGO Paris Sutra
EGO Paris Tandem
EGO Paris Extrados Table
EGO Paris Hive Loveseat
EGO Paris Cabines Gigognes Biarritz Cabin
EGO Paris Premiere Fish Chaise Longue
EGO Paris Zamac Hammock

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