Artemide: new collections between charm and rigor

26 July 2022

The company’s new lights respond to today’s functional needs without forgetting the ability of light to create atmospheres

Technology and beauty, rigor and magic are the elements that make Artemide‘s family of new collections complete. The elements are many: from the quality of light to acoustic control, from craftsmanship to technological innovation. The new lights can illuminate the house, as well as the workspace, but also the outdoor areas. With the iconic and timeless style that distinguishes all the company’s projects.

Flexia by Mario Cucinella

Light and sound-absorbing panel come together in this project by Mario Cucinella, precious for work environments where acoustics are crucial to well-being and concentration. The structure is in aluminum, with elements in polyester and fabric. The shape is reminiscent of aerodynamics with flexible wings that can rotate up to 30 °. The lighting is diffused, thanks to the patented Discovery technology, born from a research by Ernesto Gismondi on the quality of light.

Takku by Foster + Partners

From the office to the reading corner, to the relaxation of a dinner: Takku is the new portable lamp by Artemide, designed by Foster + Partners. The light is emitted in a diffuse way from the lower part, and is adjusted with a control on the upper part. The autonomy from the electricity grid lasts 32 hours and therefore offers a wide margin of freedom both in private environments and in public contexts. The range of colors makes it even more versatile.

Vine Light by Big – Bjarke Ingles Group

Vine is an extremely innovative task light in design and technology. In its section, whose diameter does not exceed 16mm, it contains all the optoelectronic and mechanical elements. And it determines the aesthetics of this lamp, totally new and dynamic thanks to the strip of LED light that can be dimmed thanks to a touch control.

Slicing by Big – Bjarke Ingles Group

Slicing starts from Gople, the iconic lamp by Artemide, and ideally breaks it down into sections, “slices” as the name of the lamp suggests. The aluminum sheet is decomposed with laser cutting into many lamellae that not only generate the formal appearance of this lamp but interact with the light that is distributed on each lamella with a slightly degrading effect.

Stellar Nebula by Big – Bjarke Ingles Group

As anticipated in the new collections of Artemide there is no lack of magic that is expressed, in particular, in Stellar Nebula. Collection of pendant lamps, a tribute to the craftsmanship of mouth-blowing glass. The artisans who make it, in the three available sizes, are expressly asked to make them unique, intervening on the shape of each making it different from all the others. Like soap bubbles, but in a very refined key, they transform the atmosphere of the house.

La Linea – Bjarke Ingles Group

La Linea also brings with it a component of enchantment and play, and at the same time helps to tailor the lighting design of the environment. It is in fact a flexible light tube, suitable for indoors and outdoors and resistant to temperatures ranging from -20 ° to + 40 °. Bring light where it is needed, creating landscapes with unprecedented shapes.

Gople outdoor and Gople System by Big – Bjarke Ingles Group

The Gople collection is enriched with two new versions. The first is the Gople outdoor whose organic shape allows it to be inserted smoothly in a natural environment.

The second is the Gople System, designed for work environments but not only: a family of spots in two dimensions that can take on various configurations thanks to the track which, with a single connection to the electrical network, powers several light points to be freely articulated.

Ripple by Big – Bjarke Ingles Group

Ripple combines lighting and sound absorption and at the same time allows you to create visual scenarios of great charm. The base of the module consists of rings of three different sizes to be combined with each other: they can illuminate or act as simple connecting elements between the other rings. To create a rich and structured composition without losing sight of the specific lighting needs of the environment.

Artemide Flexia Wall Lamp
Artemide Flexia Wall Lamp
Artemide La Linea
Ferm Living Ripple
Artemide Slicing
Artemide Stellar Nebula
Artemide Stellar Nebula
Artemide Takku
Artemide Takku

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