The decorative profile of ceramics: accessories to elegantly articulate everyday gestures

13 September 2022

The ceramic accessory is no longer just decorative, here are 6 collections which, thanks to their functions, make every little ritual sophisticated

The ceramic accessory returns to be the protagonist of the interiors. Sinuous shapes, essential and soft lines, full colors become much more than simple decorative elements. In this ceramic nouvelle vague, accessories are not only to look at but also to use. They become the heart of a new way of understanding the everyday, a daily where even small gestures become special and deserve to be celebrated with precious accessories. Contemporary ceramics are no longer, as in the past, relegated to shop windows in which to dust. Today, these precious artifacts are delivered to action and come to life in the hands of those who use them. Appreciating even more the design, the manufacturing, the stylistic research that now becomes one with the function. These are vases with which to try your hand at informal and dynamic floral compositions, breakfast sets to use to make a fundamental moment of the day special, lights, jugs, and bowls with which to give life to the table for guests. It is like making a design jewel that at the same time evokes craftsmanship and style in a contemporary key. Precious gifts to give to a loved one but also to us to give more value to the environment in which we live and to surround ourselves with beauty and color.

Shell by Ferm Living

The Nautilus is one of the largest known shells and inhabits the immense waters of the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean. It lives deep but moves to the surface to seek nourishment. This is the inspiration for Shell, the Ferm Living vase which reproduces its characteristics and invites you to get lost imagining marine scenarios. Made by hand, it is like a functional sculpture: it can be used to accommodate artfully disordered floral compositions, but it can also be interpreted as a cup to hold ice and a bottle of champagne, for a special toast.

Ceramic Vase by Space Copenhagen for & Tradition

Space Copenhagen’s Ceramic Vase collection for & Tradition is a place of experimentation in the field of ceramic glazing. In fact, two different glazes are applied to it, one inside and one outside, which meet on the edge of the vase and create a unique and always different finish for each vase. The material and earthy colors and organic shapes are a further reference to the origin of clay and introduce a decorative element that evokes nature into the home.

Ceramic Vase by &Tradition

Time Piece by Jaime Hayon for

Jaime Hayon draws inspiration from a classic shape and amplifies its dimensions to design a collection of ceramic side tables. It evokes the shape of an hourglass and thanks to this feature the table can also be positioned upside down, to change the accent at the corner in which it is placed. There are three sizes available and twenty color finishes, all part of the company’s elegant and distinctive palette.

Time Piece by Sè

Circle by Alessandra Facchinetti for Editions Milano

“The Circle collection was born precisely from the idea of ​​representing the breakfast ritual, which marks the beginning of each of our days, creating objects that could recount the rituality of our daily life with harmony of shapes”. Alessandra Facchinetti, author of this collection, explains its origin and intention to introduce elegance and quality into a simple and familiar ritual like breakfast.

circle by editions milano

Dent by Miniforms

Ceramic can also become the material of choice for a suspended lamp. This is the case of the Dent collection by Miniforms: the shape is that of a crushed and deformed tube, supported by a wooden cylinder to which the electric cable is anchored. Simple shapes and pastel colors for an essential result to be interpreted with elegance.

dent miniforms

Strøm by Nicholai Wiig-Hansen for Raawii

The inspiration for this collection comes from the cubist forms of the twentieth century. Compact, full, geometric, they allow themselves a flicker of formal experimentation starting from the classic shapes of jugs and cups and then making them unprecedented with small details. Like the elongated neck or a bolder color. The extra idea? Create a combination of three or more elements to give life to a colorful and evocative table, like in a painting.


Herringbone by Raw Edges for Vitra

The Herringbone collection was born from the experimentation of the Raw Edges studio in the field of immersion dyeing. Used for fabrics, intended for the line of cushions and for ceramics, with which a line of accessories is created consisting of a tray, vases, and bowl, to be used for the table, as an object holder, or as decorative elements.

Vitra Herringbone
Vitra Herringbone Decor Collection
Ferm Living Shell Pot Vase
&Tradition Ceramic Vase
&Tradition Ceramic Vase
Time Piece
Editions Milano Circle Collection
Miniforms Dent Suspension Lamp
Miniforms Dent Suspension Lamp
Raawi Strøm

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