Curly Design: sheepskin inspiration

2 February 2024

Brasilia Anderssen & Voll

Sophisticated rustic, the sheepskin effect is the ideal covering for seats with a Nordic flavour

Nordic design teaches how to make seemingly rustic and simple materials and design elements sophisticated and elegant. It is no coincidence that the typical furnishings of the Scandinavian school focus entirely on wood, on its workmanship and on the ability to shape it without distorting it but on the contrary enhancing its material and formal characteristics. It also happens with one textile covering, known as sheepskin. Originally it was an authentic sheep’s fur with its own wool, but today it is also fabrics, mainly in wool, which reproduce its rustic appearance and feel, as well as preserving its precious characteristics such as the response to moist and being breathable. No less important is the stylistic contribution given by this covering which with simple elegance warms the environment and makes it special, as demonstrated by some of the most interesting seats selected.

&Tradition &Tradition Little Petra VB1 Lounge Chair

Little Petra by Viggo Boesen for &Tradition

Little Petra is a small wonder of 1930s design: it was introduced in 1938 and is the quintessence of Danish design of that era, still a point of reference for Scandinavian designers today. The seat is low and generous as is the backrest which totally envelops the body and the structure rests on four wooden feet with a rounded profile. The whole is familiar and sophisticated at the same time and in the version with sheepskin covering it takes on an even more Nordic and eclectic tone. &Tradition also offers a special edition of this armchair with brass feet.

Audo Copenhagen Audo Copenhagen Brasilia Lounge Chair

Brasilia by Anderssen & Voll for Audo Copenhagen

The sheepskin upholstery underlines the unexpected proportions of this seat, imagined as a hybrid between armchair and lounge chair. The wooden structure is sturdy and stands out, taking on elegance and kindness thanks to the generous size not only of the backrest but also of the armrests, which are particularly large and enveloping.

Chisel Hay
Hay Chisel Lounge Chair

Chisel by Andreas Bergsaker for Hay

The profile of this seat is extremely recognizable thanks to the slightly oblique legs and the wide seat as well as the rounded backrest. Sculptural and linear, it evokes careful woodworking but also an invitation to relaxation, which is expressed in the version with sheepskin covering. Its linear design and discreet presence make it a timeless furnishing element.

House of Finn Juhl House of Finn Juhl Poet Sofa

Poet Sofa by House of Finn Jhul

Finn Juhl designed this sofa for his own home and then presented it to the public in 1941. It is the quintessence of the Danish sofa, characterized by the absence of cushions on the backrest, the small dimensions, and the essentiality of the structure. In the sheepskin version it acquires a completely new, contemporary, and eclectic style and offers all the soft comfort of this covering.

101 Copenhagen 101 Copenhagen Toe Armchair

Toe by Kristian Sofus Hansen & Tommy Hyldahl for 101 Copenhagen

Danish design in its most contemporary guise is expressed in this project inspired by the “space age” style that exploded in the 1970s. Without armrests, the armchair develops like a soft curve whose grooved surface dictates the rhythm and identifies the shape. The softness is transmitted both to the touch and to the sight and the same happens in the stool from the same collection which becomes a familiar and reassuring element of the living area.

Vipp Vipp Vipp452 Swivel Chair with Gliders

Swivel chair, curly edition by Vipp

The swivel is a table seat, suitable for both the dining area and the office area. The characterizing element is the aluminum structure which develops through the armrests, the central shaft and the four elements resting on the floor. The whole appears extremely essential and conveys a sense of stability and rigorous beauty. This discreet and austere elegance is toned down in the “curly” version in Australian sheepskin in a warm dark beige shade.

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