Designer mirrors, novelties for the most eclectic complement in the home

27 June 2024

Tonelli Iris

Here are the new domestic mirrors: multidimensional and in perfect balance between design and art, function and decoration.

Organic shapes, materials never experimented before, cuts, folds: here are the latest innovations in terms of mirrors presented by the most prestigious brands thanks to the creative contribution of bold designers.

Reflecting an image is no longer a priority or a purpose but rather an excuse to enrich the walls, and the room, with character and beauty.

From the eclectic Faye Toogood to Piero Lissoni, from the young Francesco Forcellini to the star Michael Anastassiades, the designers compete with projects similar to art rather than design with the support of the companies’ technical offices which make even the most daring design intuition concrete and possible.

Stellar Tacchini
Stellar | Tacchini

The outcome is an experience in which looking at yourself in the mirror no longer means finding yourself but rather getting lost, questioning yourself and discovering a decorative object of ancient tradition which today, with a leap into the future, is rediscovered as contemporary and sophisticated.

Tonelli: extreme cuts and curvatures

Imagined by Tonelli Design Studio, Iris evokes the iris in name and shape. Its rounded shape is obtained by working a single sheet of hot-curved and hand-silvered glass, also available with an LED light frame. Thanks to its curvature it reflects the entire environment offering a dynamic visual experience.

The same goes for Split, a collection of mirrors designed by Francesco Forcellini and presented at the last Salone del Mobile in Milan. Split mirrors are characterized by a vertical split inside which there are two inclined reflective surfaces which produce further visual effects.

Tonelli Split

Zieta: the “liquid” and “inflatable” mirror

Zieta is a company specialized in working with steel, giving it experimental and paradoxical shapes. In this context, Tafla O is a collection of mirrors obtained by working stainless steel to give it a puffy shape and polishing the surface to a mirror finish.

There are seven available shapes, and this variety invites you to create configurations of multiple elements by choosing between the natural color of the metal and other colors, such as blue, black, green or red.

Tacchini: from the maximalism of Stellar to the essential Ancora

Shared by the sophisticated elegance typical of Tacchini, the Stellar and Ancora mirrors are distant in their formal approach but equally interesting.

Stellar is the result of Faye Toogood’s experimental creativity and her pursuit of generous and extreme organic shapes: thanks to the padded and covered wooden frame the mirror seems immersed in a cushion.

Tacchini Stellar

Ancora by Umberto Bellardi Ricci is of a completely different style: the mirror is curved on one side and the light is captured by the curve and reflected on the surface.

Tacchini Ancora

Poltrona Frau: the original variation of leather

We find the creativity of Faye Toogood in the Squash collection for Poltrona Frau, which also includes armchairs and poufs.

The British creative manages to bring the mirror into the universe of leather by offering a courageous expression of the frame covered in this material. Organic and evocative shapes reveal the designer’s style, and the mirror is available in various colours, both floor-standing and wall-mounted.

Poltrona Frau Squash Wall Mirror
Poltrona Frau Squash Long Mirror

Cassina: the luxury of time

Skills and time are the precious resources that Cassina brings into play to create a unique and sophisticated mirror. It is called Gibbous and was designed by Michael Anastassiades: it is made by heating a glass plate in an oven at high temperatures for many hours.

During this process, the mirror gives way, bending, under its weight and gives rise to the curvature that characterizes it. The fold can become a support surface or a simple decorative element.

Cassina Gibbous

Glas Italia: optical effects and glass bubbles

Piero Lissoni enhances the glass expertise offered by the long tradition of Glas Italia with the Celeste mirror collection.

Glas Italia Celeste

Oval or round, Celeste has inside three glass bubbles of different diameters which appear like as many portholes offering a dynamic and changing vision without giving up the functionality of the mirror.

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