EDIDA 2022: the Elle Deco International Design Awards reward contemporary elegance

12 July 2022

And turn the spotlight on the new faces of international design, all united by a global vision of elegance

EDIDA is the acronym of Elle Deco International Awards and is the name of the award, born in 2003, awarded to the most interesting designers and projects by a jury made up of 25 chief editors from Elle Decoration editorial offices around the world. A privileged look at everything that happens in the world of design, on emerging phenomena, on returns, on new classics. And it is therefore very interesting to understand the scenario, but also to find new inspiration, to explore the award-winning designers and projects. Which in this edition has turned the spotlight on an elegant design with an international taste.

Designer of the year: Khaled El Mays

The most prestigious award among EDIDA is that of the designer of the year who in this edition is the Lebanese Khaled El Mays (on the cover). Art / craftsmanship and design are the two elements between which his approach to design fluctuates. He has an innate taste for craftsmanship that he loves to find in hidden places and then decline in a sophisticated and contemporary way. Manufacturing and stubborn research of the best materials make his works unique and special.

Young Design Talent: Marcin Rusak

In the works of the Polish designer the artistic component is dominant, and is expressed now in the resin works in which he traps plant fragments of petals and leaves, now in the glass vases blown by himself, in which the elements of the flora persist. A personal and creative way of approaching nature.

Interior Designer of the year: Laura Gonzales

Mix and match in a chic key is the definition that best suits the style of Laura Gonzales, French of a Spanish mother, one of the most influential interior designers of the moment. Fabrics, colors, designs, precious details cannot be missing in her projects in which many elements coexist in a harmonious and sophisticated way.

Bedding: Volare Due by Roberto Lazzeroni for Poltrona Frau

Volare was born as a canopy bed but in this version the original structure disappears to leave the scene to the headboard which, like a wood and leather boiserie, embellishes the wall but does not even look bad in the center of the room. It is the reflection of that design concreteness combined with beauty, which is required of furniture today.

Furniture: Allure O’ by Monica Armani for B&B Italia

The “O” of her name is a reference to Jackie Onassis and the roundness of the sunglasses that she made iconic forever. The elliptical shape, the generous volumes, the fullness of the lines are the characteristics of this collection of tables. With a feminine and strong trait at the same time, it wins the EDIDA award for furniture.

Seating: Lemni by Marco Lavit for Living Divani

For the seating category, the EDIDA award was assigned to the Lemni collection. In balance between the chair and the small armchair, Lemni has an essential and ethereal structure and yet has a strong and decisive character. Probably due to the combination of the chosen materials, steel and leather, translated into such a sculptural form that, as the designer says, “it becomes a chair only when you use it”.

Tableware: Feast Yotam by Yotam Ottolenghi and Ivo Bisignano for Serax

Ottolenghi’s O is the recurring mark in this table collection that reflects the culinary style of the Israeli chef, owner of a very successful restaurant in London. His dishes are a riot of colors, a Mediterranean melting pot whose atmospheres can be read perfectly in this collection.

Outdoor: A’Mare by Jacopo Foggini for Edra

The theme of outdoor furniture, so important today, is interpreted in a special way by Jacopo Foggini, in his new project for Edra, awarded by EDIDA. The sea, the transparency and the color of the crystalline water become, almost magically, the material of a complete collection of outdoor furniture.

B&B Italia Allure O’ Table
Living Divani Lemni Armchair
Living Divani Lemni Armchair
Edra A’Mare Outdoor Armchair
Edra A’Mare Outdoor Chair
Poltrona Frau Volare Due Bed
Poltrona Frau Volare Due Bed
Serax Feast by Ottolenghi Tableware
Serax Feast by Ottolenghi Tableware

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