Euroluce 2023: 10 spectacular lamps

9 May 2023

Liiu di Luceplan

Scenographic, smart and beautiful, to engage and decorate through light

Elegant, protagonists, bearers of beauty: the lamps on stage in the 2023 edition of Euroluce (as well as at the Fuori Salone) are not only the expression of very high technological standards but also creations of extraordinary visual impact. The common goal seems to be to enchant with shapes, materials and colors interpreted with great creative wisdom. The feeling is that after a long phase of research on light engineering, which has led to a series of technical innovations, the time has come to relaunch the emotional factor, the ability to excite with lighting. Without ever forgetting functionality, today declined in an increasingly spectacular and elegant key, as demonstrated by these sublime examples.

Luna by Occhio

The Luna lamp was previewed in an installation outside the living room, in Villa Necchi Campiglio: it is a perfect synthesis of technology and scenic impact that exploits the “Fireball” system patented by the company. It is a small satin glass sphere that illuminates directly but without dazzling and when lit it seems to float, just like the moon.

Asintoto by Davide Groppi

Mysterious, almost metaphysical, Asintoto is a suspension lamp with indirect light. Reduced to its essence, when switched off, it looks like a disc which, when switched on, revolutionizes the perception of the environment. A discreet but characterful presence.

Liiu by Vantot for Luceplan

Ethereal and poetic, Liiu (on the cover) is a modular lighting system that conceals advanced technological and architectural research. The structure is made up of a series of electrified metal cables, held in tension by counterweights, to which the lighting fixtures are anchored like flowers.

liiu by luceplan

Piola by Danilo De Rossi for Italamp

In terms of modular systems, the project by Piola is very interesting, a luminous curtain made up of many “pegs” of cast glass with internal micro-bubbles illuminated by LEDs inside. An enchantment of light that enhances all the beauty of glass.

Piola Italamp

Miles by Yabu Pushelberg for Lasvit

The image of the glass blowers recalls the gesture of the musician playing a wind instrument. Hence the name of this lamp, the result of the craftsmanship of the glass masters of Lasvit and the elegant creativity of the Yabu Pushelberg studio.

Miles di Lasvit

Lightbody by Jörg Hugo for Leucos

In the lamps of the Lightbody collection the glass seems to dance and to obtain this dynamic and elegant effect the shape is obtained with the free blowing technique, without any mould. That’s why each lamp is a unique piece and different from all the others.

Lightbody by Leucos

Thalea by Paolo Rizzatto and Francesco Librizzi for FontanaArte

Thalea has two light sources: a linear one that passes through the colored glass and a direct spotlight to illuminate the underlying surfaces. The visual impact is offered by the chromatic combination of the lampshades, to be composed starting from a wide range of possibilities.

THALEA FontanaArte

2097 – 75 by Gino Sarfatti for Flos

Gino Sarfatti designed the first edition of 2097 in 1958, proposing an innovative reading of the chandelier genre, in which cables and bulbs become decorative elements. 65 years later, the lamp is still current and Flos amplifies its scenic effect by proposing a new version that reaches 75 light points and a further finish all in matt white.

2097-75 by Flos

Knit by Meike Harde for Vibia

To amaze in an essential way, to condense elegance in formal details: this is the result of the project for the Knit lamp. A knitted lycra cover is wrapped around a slightly flattened sphere to offer a diffused and intimate light with a great atmosphere.

Knit by Vibia

Melt portable by Tom Dixon

Finally, in the field of portable lamps, Tom Dixon introduces a note of charm with the cordless version of his iconic Melt. A light sculpture that opposes the geometric profile of the base to the organic shape of the diffuser, creating a disruptive combination with a strong character.

Melt Portable by Tom DIxon
Flos 2097-50
Davide Groppi Asintoto
Leucos Lightbody
Luceplan Liiu
Lasvit Miles

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