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5 September 2023

sunset platform exteta

Inspired by the know-how of those who want to furnish outdoor spaces just like a living room

The word “aesthetics” comes from the ancient Greek “aisthesis” which translates as sensation, perception, knowledge through the senses. The same senses that guide our taste and allow us to find comfort and pleasure when we are immersed in an outdoor space furnished with care and elegance. It is the experience of beauty in its broadest and most comprehensive sense, and this is the root of Exteta, an Italian company, born as a start-up and quickly matured by feeding on prestigious design and historical production such as that of Brianza area. Exteta specializes in outdoor furniture with great care at every stage: from the design, entrusted to important names on the international scene, to the production, rigorously made in Italy and customizable. This meticulous attention to the collections is inspired by the purest idea of Made in Italy and a fluid vision of spaces in which indoors and outdoors are not opposed but rather united by a common taste and attention to every detail. Comfort and beauty unite all the elements and are the leitmotif between the brand’s collections.


Panarea by Massimo Castagna

The generous volumes, the visual and physical comfort and the refinement of the fabrics are the first elements that stand out in the furnishings of the Panarea collection designed by Massimo Castagna for Exteta. Here the concept of the outdoor living room emerges in an elegant and evident way and can be read in the unexpected and sophisticated formal details. The upholstered items can be independent or matched to create tailor-made configurations and are characterized by the backrest made up of two long cushions with rounded shapes that invite you to relax. As well as the base, consisting of a large rectangular cushion and precious finishes. The choice of fabrics is another element that makes the difference, underlined by the small and discreet details in leather. In addition to the upholstered furniture, the collection also offers elegant and essential coffee tables.

panarea sofa by exteta

Sunset by Paola Navone

With her feminine and gritty touch, Paola Navone signs the extensive Sunset collection designed to make the most of any type of outdoor space: from the pool area to the living room, passing through the dining area. It is a complete collection, perfect for giving outdoor spaces a coherent yet dynamic and creative look, with particularly interesting examples.

sunset platform by exteta

The Sunset platform sofa is a sofa with a squared and irregular shape in wood and fabric, the Sunset roll bed is an outdoor daybed that has a movable headrest: with a single gesture it can become a dividing element of the upholstery and transform it into a double seat. The sunbed is particularly elegant: it has an essential wooden structure that integrates a small but practical support surface. For the dining area, the Sunset collection offers an elegant oval table with a translucent glass top from which to glimpse the beautiful wooden structure and the wooden and aluminum armchairs equipped with comfortable cushions attached to the seat with a practical and decorative string game.

sunset by exteta

Michelangelo and Prato fiorito by Massimo Castagna

For an outdoor dining area with a strong and gritty character, the Michelangelo table by Massimo Castagna is perfect. Entirely made of marble, it is an authentic furnishing architecture: it has a thin top and sturdy, shaped legs with a sinuous and essential shape. An important and sculptural table that condenses all Exteta’s attention to research and excellent workmanship.

Michelangelo by Exteta

The same designer creates a poetic and evocative collection of outdoor lamps for Exteta. The name is Prato fiorito (blooming meadow in Italian) and it is precisely the image evoked by the long stems on the top of which a luminous sphere suggests an enchanting nocturnal setting.

prato fiorito by exteta
Exteta Panarea Coffee Table
Exteta Panarea Sofa
Exteta Prato Fiorito Floor Lamp
Exteta Sunset Outdoor Dining Table
Exteta Sunset Sun Lounger
Exteta Sunset Sun Lounger
Exteta Sunset Platform Sofa Collection
Exteta Sunset Roll Bed
Exteta Sunset Roll Bed

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