Ferreria de Sà is one of the most prestigious carpet manufacturers in Europe

16 May 2023

elisire ferreira de sà

It was born in Portugal in 1946 and is a point of reference for the contemporary luxury carpet

Contemporary design, current and versatile color range, research on materials: these are some of the goals pursued over time by Ferreira de Sà, a historic Portuguese company that over the years has accompanied the craftsmanship with constant updating. Founded in 1946 by Joaquim Ferreira de Sá, it was born as an artisan workshop and through constant growth it has become one of the most important, as well as ancient, production realities in Europe in the carpet sector. A solid company, with a strong identity linked to a sober vision of elegance updated by experimenting with materials, shapes, and graphic solutions according to the taste and needs of the times. Declining luxury according to the most modern meaning: uniqueness, very high quality, and customization.

Ferreria de Sà

The craftsmanship follows both the tufting method and the weaving, always strictly by hand. A common theme of the collections is the geometric design interpreted in a creative and discreet way. These are rugs that find a natural place in exclusive domestic interiors as well as in spaces dedicated to hospitality with attention to the smallest details. Among the proposed solutions, the line dedicated to outdoor carpets is very interesting, which transforms terraces, courtyards, and gardens into elegant and comfortable outdoor lounges.

Ferreria de Sà


Mykonos is a line of hand-tufted outdoor rugs, made of a high-performance synthetic material with an exceptional visual effect. The strong feature of this carpet is the geometric and irregular shape which has an extremely interesting and captivating labyrinth motif inside. It has a contemporary and discreet profile that brings movement to the space in which it is inserted, evoking the charm of the Greek island from which it has stolen its name.

MYKONOS by Ferreria de Sà


The Highline line is also handmade with the tufting technique in a specific material for the outdoors. In this collection the geometric motif returns, becoming more regular and characterized by a decorative pattern of lines, sometimes double, sometimes thin, and by a shape of staggered rectangles that can be oriented horizontally or vertically to obtain a different overall result. Bringing an element of order and regularity useful for keeping all the elements of a living area together.

HIGHLINE ferreira de sà


Elisire (on the cover) is another interesting variant of the line of outdoor carpets proposed by Ferreira de Sà. In this collection, the geometric inspiration is expressed in three details: the hexagonal shape that evokes warmth and hospitality; the internal division into triangles that underlines the chromatic approach by combining scales of gray and a touch of red; the grooves that give an interesting three-dimensional effect.

elisire ferreira de sà


Weaves, spirals, and the evocation of the infinity symbol give rise to the decorative motif of this outdoor rug with a strong character. The design is dense and articulated, tempered by the chromatic choice that favors neutrals. This carpet in which the circular shapes characterize both the shape and the decoration, seems to want to weave a dialogue with the surrounding nature, in its most intense expressions.


Moving on to the interior spaces, the Topiary collection is significant of the Ferreira de Sà style which declines uniqueness in a discreet way. The perfectly successful and measured combination of two colors catches the eye while the relief motif obtained with the hand-tufted bamboo fiber makes it dynamic and decorative. The motif recalls the geometries of Piet Mondrian, giving the carpet an artistic value and depth.

topiary ferreira de sà
Ferreira de Sá Elisire Outdoor Rug
Ferreira de Sá Mykonos Outdoor Rug
Ferreira de Sá Mykonos Outdoor Rug
Ferreira de Sá Highline Outdoor Rug
Ferreira de Sá Topiary Rug
Ferreira de Sá Topiary Rug

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