Francesca Lanzavecchia talks about the news of the Pebble collection for Living Divani

11 June 2024

Designed for both the home and public spaces, they have rounded shapes and an interesting textile proposal.

Francesca Lanzavecchia‘s universe is made of imagination and concreteness, elegance and irony. It is expressed in a design that is sophisticated and never boring and in projects that are apparently rigorous, but which reveal, upon closer inspection, an unexpected creative spark, a game of shapes and combinations that make the difference.

Projects to which she dedicates herself side by side with Hunn Wai: together, in 2010, they founded the Lanzavecchia-Wai studio based in Italy and Singapore, Wai’s home.

A double look at the world of living, also enriched by the training of Lanzavecchia who, after graduating in Product Design at the Polytechnic of Milan, continued her studies at the Eindhoven Academy where introspection and experimentation made her design background more complex.

Living Divani Pebble
Living Divani | Pebble

Hermann Miller, De Castelli, Fiam, Nodus, Cappellini are among the prestigious brands with which they collaborate, as is Living Divani, for which, on the last Salone del Mobile, they presented an extension of the Pebble collection.

From the image of a pebble, it takes the soft and irregular shape that characterizes the stones transformed by the flow of water. The collection was born in 2018 and represented the studio’s debut with the company. It is an extremely evocative piece of furniture, since the round mirror is inspired by the reflective surface of water, while the tabletop evokes the shape of a pebble, however giving it lightness, a lightness supported by an extremely thin structure that almost disappears.

The coldness of the stone is instead tempered using leather, the warm material par excellence. The success of the Pebble vanity led in 2019 to the first extension of the collection through the series of coffee tables which reflect the approach devoted to organic shapes which here appear now elongated, or more rounded.

For 2024 Living Divani asked the designers to return to work on the collection, with the aim of creating a series of stools intended for both the domestic context and hospitality, without losing the evocative character of the initial idea, as Francesca Lanzavecchia explains.

Living Divani Pebble

What are the special features of this new collection?

This collection of stools is called Pebble Stool and a section of the collection that started from a vanity and some tables, in this case they are bar stools with this idea of ​​suspension, ascending movement, with important volumes of these pebbles that are supported and then they free themselves in mid-air. They have different, asymmetrical backrests and are one small, one medium and one large which create this rhythm when placed next to each other, in front of a counter.

What are the colors and materials of these stools?

As in the rest of the Pebble collection, also in the case of these stools the external shell of the seat and back is made of leather and they can be covered in fabric or leather, therefore with a monochrome-single material idea, or we can play with combinations that are much more “fashionable”.

Living Divani Pebble Stool

What type of space was it imagined for?

I imagine it in a domestic space as a pair of stools with which to have breakfast in a kitchen with a very high top but also, beautiful and scenographic in a great harmony of backrests and shapes at a bar counter.

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