From Magenta to Paraiba the new bold Venini colors

20 November 2023

Venini Magenta

New chromatic ideas to rediscover the iconic models of the most famous glass brand

The enchantment of glass and timeless design make Venini vases the most iconic and recognized in the world. The history of the company has its roots in the early twentieth century but does not lose its relevance thanks to a perfect balance between historical projects and innovative ideas. Like the new color options, including magenta and paraiba, which enhance the lines and workmanship, embodying a contemporary spirit and historical prestige. Magenta is a warm and lively colour, in the nuance identified by Venini it takes on a look of contemporary and interesting elegance. It is a color with character, ideal for giving an accent to the space in which it is introduced: it has the flavor of spring and captures attention. Paraiba takes its name from a precious stone and from a region of Brazil bathed by a crystalline sea, it is in fact a shade of marine green that evokes tropical paradises and summer atmospheres. It is a cold and discreet color that highlights the formal characteristics of the glass and the precious processes that Venini implements with ancient wisdom. These two colors, innovative and full of energy, lend themselves to reinterpreting some of the most famous icons of the glass brand, creating a precious opportunity to rediscover its history.

Venini Fazzoletto
Venini Fazzoletto Vaso


The Fazzoletto vase is perhaps one of the most identifying in the history of Venini. Designed in 1948 by Fulvio Bianconi, it is still of extraordinary formal relevance. The name describes its inspiration: the light and wavy movement of a fabric. The manufacturing of this vase takes place thanks to a particular movement of the master glassmaker, a movement that almost resembles a dance: the heated glass is made to twirl to take on its characteristic folds. An avant-garde intuition resulting from the collaboration of Bianconi, who was a graphic designer at the time, with Paolo Venini who discovered his talent and decided to involve him in this project. Further enriched by the chromatic interpretations given throughout its history.

Venini Balloton
Venini Monofiori Vaso

Monofiore Balloton

The round shape is the main feature of this vase, alongside the bubble effect that identifies its surface, giving it a three-dimensional and material appearance. Balloton is the result of a process that involves a metal mold whose interior has points from which the decorative motif emerges. The edge is finished with a colored glass thread and the finish can be polished or sandblasted. The matelassé movement of the surface creates an almost hypnotic spell of light.

Venini Venini Opalino Vase


Opalino is the quintessence of Venini style and has its roots in the origins of the company. Imagined in 1932 it has essential shapes and perfect proportions. It is a classic vase with no frills but with a strong personality and the ability to fit effortlessly into any type of interior. Thanks to its essential and clean profile it appears contemporary, despite having almost a century of history behind it. This profile is made even more up to date by the new colors proposed: magenta and paraiba.

Venini Venini Deco Vase


Napoleone Martinuzzi was first and foremost a sculptor, he appreciated the works of Gabriele D’Annunzio who had commissioned more than one work from him. He trained at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice and in his creative path he could not fail to be fascinated and influenced by glass processing. It is no coincidence that between 1922 and 1930 he was director of the Glass Museum of Murano. Decò is his creation from 1930 and is a tribute to circular shapes. It is a spherical vase whose surface is characterized by a sequence of circles that increase in size and then decrease. This movement gives the vase rhythm and scenic presence, enhancing the beauty of the glass and its workmanship.

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