Glass at the center of creativity: chromatic freedom, organic shapes, and joie de vivre

6 September 2022

Glass lamps, furniture, and accessories with an unexpected and sophisticated design

Intense and mysterious, the charm of glass can take on lively and playful features while remaining faithful to the sophisticated elegance that has always distinguished it. It is contemporary creativity that makes this little spell possible by combining experimentation and design practicality. The result? Glass lamps, furniture, and accessories with a free spirit, with generous and ironic shapes that do not lose the functional objective for which they are intended. These collections are the meeting point between contemporary creativity and the ancient traditions of glass processing: a dialogue between past and future that offers, to the present, new styles, and new colors. Sophisticated but informal glasses, to be enjoyed in everyday life, making it special and devoted to beauty. Transparent sculptures that enchant with their colors and shapes, welcome the eye, and conquer it.

Glass lamps in shades of amber and smoke

Sober, intense, reassuring: amber is a color that recalls nature and is one of the rising trends in furniture and glass. The glass lamps in this color, as well as in smoked glass, diffuse a soft and warm light that creates an intimate and sophisticated atmosphere. Knot is a collection of lamps designed by the Chiaramonte Marin studio for Brokis: the austerity of the rope, with its knot, hence the name, acts as a counterpoint to the elegance of the glass. Available in the countertop and pendant variants and in four different shapes of organic inspiration, this collection takes on a particularly intense tone in the amber finish.

Stacking by Leucos is a cylindrical floor lamp made up of modules that are assembled to create different configurations. The light, through the various sections, from amber to white, returns different effects and the whole is sculptural and evocative.

stacking by leucos

The Layla collection by Serena Confalonieri for MM Lampari has a different spirit: a new interpretation of the classic oil lamp whose shape it evokes, giving it new energy thanks to the color combinations and the striped pattern of the base. The shapes are generous and welcoming and enhance the alternation of opaque glass and transparent glass.

Tripod by Gijs Bakker for Karakter is an essential and characterful table lamp. Like a glass dome, transparent or smoked, it has three recesses that enhance the glass processing and its curves.

Coffee tables in glass and double glass

Glass acquires strength and character when it takes on the role of a coffee table. It can be essential and subtle or consistent and double. In the first case we can find the XXX collection by Johanna Grawunder for Glas Italia: it recalls the play of reflections and transparencies of a kaleidoscope in the bright and courageous colors of pink, yellow and orange. The base is made up of six crystal plates glued to form the Xs, hence the name.

The Soda collection by Yiannis Ghikas for Miniforms declines glass in a completely different but equally fascinating way, a glass volume with a base composed of three cylindrical elements that resemble the petals of a flower.

soda by miniforms

Colored plates and vases to give energy to everyday life

Creative glass finds its maximum experimental expression in accessories, freely imagined to decorate and bring beauty to small daily gestures. Opal is the collection of Kristina Dam Studio vases in which the amber color returns: a series of bowls with a thick and rounded edge, with a feminine spirit and a strong soul.

Opal by Kristina Dam Studio

Torus is a series of AYTM vases in which the creative interpretation is identified in the double glass: two transparent elements, one colored and one colorless, one inside the other to maximize the decorative range of the glass.

Torus by AYTM

The Danish brand Hay brings the magic of glass to moments of conviviality, with its collections of tableware and cutlery in this material. Bright color combinations, rounded shapes and decorative motifs invite you to experiment even at the table.

Finally, the collection of Sestiere vases by Patricia Urquiola for Cassina is a tribute to ancient Murano art. Glass vases with simple shapes made special by the application of morise, consistent and striped glass bands, applied to the external surface with a deliberately irregular result that becomes decorative and unique in its kind.

Kristina Dam Studio Opal Bowl
AYTM Torus Vase
AYTM Torus Vase
Brokis Knot Cilindro
Leucos Stacking
Miniforms Soda
MM Lampadari Layla
MM Lampadari Layla
Hay Borosilicate Cup
Glas Italia XXX02

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