Glass, its chromatic charms and its unique shapes in the heart of Purho

2 August 2022

It is the brand that has been able to give new life to the traditional processing of Murano glass

Even before being a company, Purho is a project, a vision, almost a mission. The one of its founder, Andrea Dotto, to create a meeting place between Murano glass masters and contemporary designers. To this “place” he gave the name of Purho Murano: the brand, born in 2012, immediately brought its profile into focus, offering the opportunity to make an interior more beautiful and prestigious thanks to glass objects designed and manufactured with great professionalism and taste. Glass is the absolute protagonist and as we will see, each project, from the simplest to the most complex, from the smallest to the largest, is designed to express the knowledge of the master glassmakers and the dialogue between them and the designers to the maximum.

Chromatic enchantment

The chromatic study is one of the aspects that Purho takes care of with particular attention: the color chart is made up of artfully created nuances, designed to enchant and play with visual textures, shapes and details. An example of this care are the bright colors of the Royal Family, a collection designed by Karim Rashid and composed of King and Queen, Kount and Kountess and the trusted Knight. Here the color combinations are deliberately unexpected and the contrast between the lower part and the upper part of the vase, together with the rounded shapes, are the perfect synthesis between Rashid’s style and the enchantment of glass processing.

Visual texture

Those who know glass in depth know that it is not only transparency, but also its opposite: visual consistency, stage presence. Enhanced by excellent workmanship at the service of the intuitions of the designers involved. Linae (on the cover) is one of Federico Peri‘s collections for Purho: the shape is circular, almost maternal, the glass has an important thickness, in solid color and in four dimensions with as many different interpretations of the groove motif.

The incision can be horizontal and narrow, as in a pleated effect, or vertical and wide, or again, with a striped effect, in the mini version of the vase. Perfect, organic and generous sculptures invite you to be juxtaposed and return that intense and consistent visual texture that makes glass an enchantment not only of transparencies but also of presences.

Brand new design

Purho therefore has the quality of translating the ancient art of glass into contemporary language through the intuitions of the designers involved, always unexpected and free from a stylistic point of view. Think for example of the Normanna collection by VI + M Studio: an ideal tribute to Sicily, the land of origin of the designers and therefore a blend of the Mediterranean and Murano. Normanna is a sculptural lamp composed of a glass sphere that acts as a diffuser in the enchanting colors chosen: ruby ​​pink, amethyst pink, amber yellow, apple green, emerald green, Mediterranean blue and London gray. The sphere rests on a satin brass base surrounded by Tripolin fringes. A composition of extraordinary elegance and creativity that evokes atmospheres of other times.

Beauty experiences

The colors, the shapes, the workmanship: everything tells the way in which Purho has chosen to decline the beauty of glass. The attention and care, above all, with which every aspect is addressed to create small works of art with which to personalize the home but also the work environment. It is the evolution of glass that passes through the filter of contemporary design. Alessandro Mendini also believed in it, of which Purho produces the collection of Freccia vases. The formal approach is that of aerodynamics: the base is triangular, one side turns inwards, one edge soars and slims the figure as a whole.

Purho Queen Vase
Purho Linae Vase
Purho Freccia Vase
Purho Lume Candle Holder
Purho Haute Lamp

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