Home Studio: hybrid desk solution

1 April 2022

Wood feel and beauty in the workspace at home

Function and beauty dialogue in harmony in a refined and expertly designed interior. An interior in which, today, private life and work are no longer separate worlds, on the contrary they intertwine and merge as well as the spaces intended for them. How does this new functional dimension translate into formal terms? A perfect solution is to rely on materials with a warm texture and a precious appearance such as wood, with its unique grain and shades. This material is therefore ideal for creating study corners that fit smoothly into a domestic environment, corners with a hybrid nature that can perform functions related not only to study but also to free time and even to conviviality. The reference, in particular, is to tables that can be a desk and support for meetings but also precious allies for moments of company, here are some very interesting ones.

Workshop Table by Cecilie Manz for Muuto

Workshop (on the cover) combines the archetype of the table with the classic Scandinavian taste for the use of wood in an essential and direct key. Yet there is no lack of creative architectural details, which can be seen above all in the points of junction of the legs with the top. The latter can also be in oak veneer or linoleum, in a solid oak frame. A versatile table, for work, meeting and dining.

Zehn by Philipp Mainzer for E15

The design of the Zehn table is a game of geometries that change according to the size of the table itself. In particular, the single visible foot can be placed in the center or in an asymmetrical position. In both cases the result is sculptural and magnetic, austere and warm at the same time. And it is a tribute to wood, made of oak, also bleached, with a thickness of 40mm.

Drop Leaf by Hvidt & Mølgaard for & Tradition

In 1956 Hvidt & Mølgaard designed this elegant table with an exquisitely Scandinavian grammar. The flap top is the function that makes it even more versatile while the supporting structure, with shaped legs, are the formal detail that makes it simply beautiful. It is surprisingly current, today that, unlike in 1956, the table can and must also act as a work surface. Available in walnut and solid oak.

Bureau by Earnest Studio for Shoenbuch

Hybrid by nature, Bureau is designed to perform various functions smoothly. It has the ideal proportions for a small dining table but can be used as a desk, thanks also to the undertop shelf where you can store your computer and notebook with a gesture. The rounded shapes make it welcoming and familiar, functional and domestic at the same time.

Airisto by Joanna Laajisto for Made By Choice

The design language is simple and discreet and makes the Airisto collection familiar and sophisticated, suitable for modern and classic interiors. The rounded shapes of the hips give power and delicacy at the same time. A game of contrasts in perfect harmony with the wood of which it is composed.

Feve by Ferm Living

Feve is a Ferm Living desk with organic and feminine shapes. Everything is movement: from the rounded legs to the curved top thanks to which we can imagine this desk as the perfect element for a living room or any other refined corner of the house. The personality is strong but also the spirit of adaptation.

Home Desk by George Nelson for Vitra

We conclude with an iconic desk which, due to its character, can be inserted into an environment just like you would do with a sculpture. It is George Nelson’s Home Desk, produced by Vitra: revolutionary, courageous in shapes and proportions, as well as in chromatic details. It stands out and conquers.

E15 Zehn
E15 Zehn
&Tradition Drop Leaf Dining Table
&Tradition Drop Leaf Dining Table
&Tradition Drop Leaf Dining Table
Ferm Living Feve
Ferm Living Feve
Made By Choice Airisto
Schönbuch Bureau
Schönbuch Bureau
Vitra Home Desk
Vitra Home Desk
Muuto Workshop

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