The Masters chair by Philippe Starck and Eugeni Quitllet for Kartell

20 December 2021

The rare case of a project / tribute to three design icons that itself becomes iconic

Lightweight, stackable, colorful and suitable for outdoor use. The Masters by Kartell is an extremely versatile chair and therefore very widespread and suitable for contexts of different styles. But not only. It is in fact an extremely cultured project, a tribute to the masters of Scandinavian design by two architects of great international prestige. Philippe Starck & Eugeni Quitllet designed it together in 2010 choosing a completely new formal approach, giving life to a one-of-a-kind silhouette. The key to being able to read the Masters lies in the backrest. That interweaving of elements, apparently dictated by an aesthetic choice, is instead a tribute to three of the most iconic chairs ever. These are Series 7 by Arne Jacobsen, the Tulip Armchair by Eero Saarinen and the Eiffel Chair by Charles Eames. The profiles of the backrests of these three chairs are superimposed and intertwined in an ideal and perfect synthesis which in turn becomes iconic.

This stylistic gimmick also allows the alternation of empty and full spaces which makes the seat both complete and comfortable but light at the same time. The seat is enveloping and softly follows the curves of the body, the four feet are thin and essential.

Another element that has certainly determined the success of this chair is the range of colors available. The chromatic theme is particularly similar to the Kartell brand which has always explored it with courage. From neutral to more vibrant colors, from austere black to elegant white, the color range allows you to place the Masters in any room of the house: from the kitchen table to the dining room, to the desk. Essential, made of an informal material such as plastic, it is also ideal for outdoors. Masters is a stackable chair and therefore suitable for flexible contexts and the stool version is also interesting to choose for example for the snack counter in the kitchen, as well as for contract contexts with character.

“We weren’t born today. We had some great predecessors. The Masters chair evokes the memory of the lines of three great masters and three great masterpieces. With their union and fusion, they create a new product, a new project, a reflection of our new company “: with these words Philippe Starck comments on the project, focusing attention on the past but also on the future. And Kartell is also thinking about the future by using recyclable and environmentally friendly plastic materials for its furnishings.

The earth, after all, is the inspiration for a new limited edition of the Masters chair, created by Kartell exclusively for MOHD. It’s called Masters Earth and it’s a new chromatic variation of this new great classic. The “earth” shade is a warm brown that turns towards dove gray: ideal for an informal but refined home, thanks also to the finish, which is always comfortable to the touch. The earth tones and the use of recycled materials make Masters Earth an icon of today’s design, a design that is attentive not only to style and function but also to the environment.

Kartell Masters Earth
Kartell Masters
Kartell Masters
Kartell Masters
Kartell Masters
Kartell Masters Earth
Kartell Masters
Kartell Masters
Kartell Masters
Kartell Masters Sweet Pink


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