Hybrid Spaces: &Tradition breaks down the boundaries between spaces in a streem of fluid and functional style

30 August 2021

Hybrid Spaces by &Tradition

Work, home and free time are no longer separate worlds but are part of a whole held together by style

The new &Tradition collection is a choice, a stance defined within the heated debate on the new forms and functions of the post-pandemic space. While we are still wondering what the definitive evolutions of the environment we live in will be, &Tradition is betting on what it imagines as a fluid design. The name of the new collection is Hybrid Spaces and it is a declaration of intent that the company explains with these words: “where once the office was for work, the house was for relaxation and everyday life was spent juggling the two: the hybrid space blends these elements together, favoring a new and improved balance between work and private life”. The hope, therefore, is a better harmony between work time and free time, a dichotomy that we try to manage every day with the skill of a juggler to be solved, also through a new conception of space.

&Tradition 2021

Hybrid is the key word to describe this collection, together with “mixture”: processes and functions are now in close communication with each other. Time and space are preparing to be managed, definitively, in a different and flexible, fluid way. It is a change of habit that leaves a lot to the ability to organize one’s time and resources, it can be scary, which is why an efficient and tailored organization of space for those who live there is an excellent starting point.

&Tradition 2021

How does all this translate into the world of furniture? & Tradition has conceived a series of furnishings that are functional to work but also comfortable. That can support tight production rhythms but also moments of relaxation, welcome study but also fun and integrate into a domestic interior as well as in a professional environment. If at home the work spaces are distinct from those of family life, the aesthetics of these spaces must be fluid and coherent, hence the need for furnishings and accessories that act as a trait d’union between the various environments for a welcoming journey and functional.

Wulff armchair


Tribute to the Danish design of the origins that celebrates the manufacturing and the formal imprint originated in the first half of the twentieth century, which made school around the world. Designed in 1938 by an unknown author, it is the quintessence of Danish modernism that can be read in the curved hemisphere shape of the backrest in the essential wooden armrests that become the legs of the armchair itself and in the high and comfortable seat. Precisely the balance between comfort and functionality is the goal of the Danish school and this armchair gives style and warmth to the interior in which it is placed.

Pavillion desk


When it comes to hybrid spaces where work and free time blend in harmony, a desk cannot be missing. Pavillion is a project already present in the & Tradition collection that has decided to expand its potential. To the chairs designed by Anderssen & Voll is therefore added the desk: “The desk is a reference to modernist architecture with a light and structural language”, explains Espen Voll, co-founder of Anderssen & Voll. It comes with and without the panel wooden back and is available in various combinations of materials.


Tripod lamp


Designed by Hvidt & Mølgaard, the Trypod lamp was born in the floor version and expands today, even in the table version. In powder-coated steel, with brass details, it is thin and light but, in a discreet way, sculptural and with character.

Drip table

Drip table

The Drip table is more modern than ever. Designed by Hee Welling, it functions as a dining table and also as a work and meeting table and in this perfectly reflects the needs of the moment. But it is also modern in its deepest essence because it is made, for 80%, of recycled aluminum.

Lato table


Lato is a passpartout, it is a coffee table that can perform various functions in different parts of the house, giving style and character. Already present in the & Tradition catalog, it was designed by Luca Nichetto thinking of an overturned lollipop and choosing materials of natural beauty. In the new version it also has the option of a wooden top.

&Tradition Drip Table
&Tradition Pavilion Desk
&Tradition Wulff

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