Ikebana: the flower arranging art that comes from Japan

2 March 2023

Ikeru by Fritz Hansen

Vases and tools to create the perfect flower arrangement

Ikebana is the Japanese art of creating arrangements with cut flowers. It is balance of proportions and colors, it is taste for the essential. You don’t need refined, rare or precious flowers but rather the creative ability to compose them artfully. And it is possible to get help from a series of vases and tools designed to enhance every single flower and support simple and harmonious, decorative and elegant compositions. These are elements that help respect the proportions, suggest the right height to give to the flower stems with an effective support to keep them in position naturally. What’s more, they are themselves decorative objects, studied in materials, shapes and chromatic details to create, together with the flowers themselves, ensembles that enchant the eyes.

Ikeru and Ikebana by Jaime Hayon for Fritz Hansen

Designed by Jaime Hayon, Ikeru (on the cover) is an essential structure made up of metal cylinders of different sizes and staggered by position intended to house one or more flowers. It is completed with a glass tray to be filled halfway with water, so that the flowers can draw the necessary nourishment. The position of the cylinders marks the rhythm of the floral composition in an essential and discreet design.

By the same designer, Ikebana, is a mouth-blown glass vase inside which two perforated steel discs are inserted: the holes guide the flower and keep it in position from the base to the corolla. The metal structure is also available in a brass finish to give further elegance to the whole.

Nuage by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec for Vitra

Nuage in French translates as cloud, and it is precisely the shape of this element that inspired the Bouroullec brothers in designing this vase. The delicate and elegant shape is accompanied by the presence of a perforated surface which helps to support and compose the flowers in such a way that each one has its own space. One of the aspects of this collection is the possibility to choose between ceramic and anodized aluminum in different colors. Furthermore, the shape of the edges allows you to combine several vases, even of different sizes, to create floral compositions inspired by the overlapping of clouds in the sky.

Ikebana by Uto Balmoral for Mogg

Mogg interprets the idea of Ikebana by amplifying its scope and involving no longer cut flowers but plants in general and the recurring desire to bring a green presence into the home. Ikebana is in fact a collection of capacious sideboards equipped with a series of cantilevered shelves intended precisely to accommodate vases and plants. The goal is to combine the functionality of container furniture with the beauty of indoor plants.


Echasse by Theresa Rand for Menu

Echasse’s vocation is to welcome a single but significant branch in a sculptural and poetic composition. Echasse translates as stilt house of which the designer Teresa Rand subverts the architectural structure by placing the aquatic and vegetable world above and no longer below. The collection consists of vases with different shapes and proportions, which can also be combined to create spectacular compositions.

Echasse by Menu

Shadow by Jessica Hans for Hay

Shadow is a vase with deliberately organic and irregular shapes, hand-decorated with graphic-inspired designs in white on black. The rounded lines of the design amplify the irregular curves of the structure and together welcome a deliberately natural composition of cut flowers. In fact, the goal is not to create something static or standard, but rather to support a spontaneous movement of what the vase welcomes.

Silvan by Cassina

The formal profile of Silvan is instead inspired by the beauty of the blown glass it is made of, shaped having the calla flower as inspiration with its essential and clean lines. And the floral composition that Silvan proposes is essential and clean, almost sculptural, in which the chromatic beauty of the vase itself marries perfectly with that of the flowers.

silvan by cassina

Shiva by Ettore Sottsass for BD Barcelona

The Shiva vase is part of a series of projects that Ettore Sottsass defined as “small architectures” like testimonies, micro monuments of a past time. Shiva in particular tells a pop approach to shape and innovative to colors. With a pinch of irony that makes this vase informal but no less prestigious.

Menu Échasse Vase
Fritz Hansen Ikebana Vase
Fritz Hansen Ikeru Vase
Vitra Nuage
Vitra Nuage
BD Barcelona Design Shiva
Cassina Silvan Vase

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