Intelligent light: beauty and technology in the new lamps

8 November 2021

Elastica by Martinelli Luce

In recent years, lighting has been the protagonist of profound changes and revolutionary innovations, let’s discover some of them with a strong impact

Lighting requires a specific and well-calibrated design approach, starting from both the characteristics of the environment and the specific needs of those who live there. It is a made-to-measure suit that in recent years has gone through a phase of rapid and extensive innovation, an innovation that affects both the nature of light – with the LED that has distorted shape and color – and the interaction between user and light source – with intelligent and increasingly discreet controls. This “lighting revolution” has translated into creative nourishment for the brands that today, thanks to the interpretation of the designers, present truly new lamps that promise to offer a personalized, intuitive and increasingly modular light experience to adapt to the seasons and situations.

Elastica by Studio Habits for Martinelli Luce

Elasticity is the key but also the substance of this lamp which, through innovation, is perfectly in tune with current life. Fluidity and flexibility are the words that recur in describing our time and this project has translated them into a lamp. The heart of Elastica (on the cover) is, in fact, a strip of elastic fabric on which a LED strip is housed, anchored to a cylindrical base to be placed on the floor and a ceiling element. By pulling the elastic the light turns on, off and dims. While the colored strip becomes a graphic and decorative sign in the environment.

Croma by Luca Nichetto for Lodes

The croma is a short musical note that bears a reference to color in its name. Intensity and color are the very heart of the Croma lamp designed by Luca Nichetto for Lodes, with the idea of ​​bringing these two elements into the environment and being able to modulate them. It is a floor lamp that, unlike many others, has an enlarged base and a narrower stem. The light source is hidden inside the cylinder and directed upwards. A ring placed in the center of the cylinder allows you to turn the lamp on and off and also to adjust it with what is called “dim to warm” (dimmer to heat) with which the color temperature and the intensity of the light are modulated. The control is therefore placed at eye level and no longer at the foot of the lamp, to make the relationship with the user more immediate and intuitive.

Olev Lighting sound absorbing lamps

Improving the sound quality has a major impact on the quality of life. Starting from this reflection, Olev has designed a series of lamps which, in addition to intelligently managing the light, also have a sound-absorbing function. The models are various: Exagon Silence Green integrates a sound-absorbing panel inside concealed by a layer of stabilized natural lichen. Eclipse Nuance Silence, designed by Marc Sadler, is characterized by highly elegant smoked glass.

Mylight by Foscarini

Foscarini focuses on the so-called Mylight technology that offers the user the ability to control the lights in the home through an application. From your bluetooth smartphone, or via a compatible portable device, you can turn on, turn off, modulate both the color temperature and the intensity of the lamp. This technology can be required for many of Foscarini’s iconic lamps such as, for example, Caboche and Twiggy.

Mito by Occhio

Mito is a large collection of lamps of great elegance and high technology. The interaction with the user is touchless: just a wave of the hand and an optical sensor allows you to turn on, turn off and adjust the color temperature and intensity of the light. Alternatively, the light can be adjusted via Occhio’s application or air controller. Very interesting is the version with integrated mirror surface, ideal for an entrance but also a high-tech bathroom.

Lodes Croma
Martinelli Luce Elastica
Olev Lighting Exagon
Occhio Mito
Occhio Mito
Foscarini Twiggy
Olev Lighting Eclipse Nuance Silence

Officina Milano

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