Interview to Federica Biasi

12 April 2021

Federica Biasi

The designer tells us about her beginning, about the products conceived for Gallotti&Radice and the new 2021 projects: a style that brought Nordic taste into the Italian production

Federica Biasi, young designer and art director, has already worked for numerous internationally renowned companies. Born in 1989, she graduated with honours from the European Institute of Design, in 2015 she established her design studio in Milan, dealing with product design, design consultancy and interior design. Her style has brought a Nordic flavour, influenced by a few years spent in the Netherlands, into the Italian panorama and is characterized by soft lines and clean shapes. In 2018 she was awarded in Paris, during the prestigious Maison&Objet as one of the 6 Italian Rising Talents.

Federica Biasi

What have been the three most important stages of your career?

My first achievement was undoubtedly the Piatti collection for Fratelli Guzzini and the following cmf consultancy, later in 2017 I was nominated for the rising talent award and I exhibited my works at the Maison Objet fair, it has been 4 years now. And the achievement I’d define as my starting point is the latest Lume collection, for Nespresso, the first truly industrial collection distributed worldwide, but most importantly a product that is not meant for design lovers, but a “design for all”.

Federica Biasi

In your opinion, what determines the success of a project?

I’ve always believed that a product is not just made by a designer, the idea is not enough. What determines the success of a product is without any doubt a winning design concept, a company that is able to take up the challenge, a flawless creation, but most importantly excellent communication and sales network.

Sketch by Federica Biasi
Sophie Sofa by Federica Biasi for Gallotti&Radice

Tell us about the collaboration with Gallotti&Radice and about the products you have designed. Can you describe the genesis of Sophie and Livre and how they fit into the space?

They have two completely different origins, Sophie as I told you was my first padded, and it is definitely predominant in a space, its shape is copious and its sinuous frame welcomes and hugs you, it conveys a truly strong idea of comfort.

Sophie by Gallotti&Radice
Sophie by Federica Biasi for Gallotti&Radice

On the other hand, Livre is quite a recent product, presented in 2020- I wanted to design a product that would tell something about me, about my passion for the rising sun, about contemporaneity and I wanted its contours to be organic and simple, the seat is fixed on the structure, that traces a surprising alternation of full and empty spaces. It suits nicely any kind of interior space, either contemporary or classic, and I believe this is the successful feature of the product combined with its timelessness.

Livre di Federica Biasi per Gallotti&Radice
Livre by Federica Biasi for Gallotti&Radice

What are, in your opinions, the priorities in a work of interior design?

For me light is very important in an indoor setting, I think that a space should provide the user with high livability before enhancing a specific style.

Anyway, my priorities concerning interior design are functional before being aesthetics, they are two elements that should always go together.

Ilario mirror
Ilario mirror by Federica Biasi for Mingardo

Working from home or bringing the home into the office? Somebody talks about a new humanism concerning the offices of tomorrow. What is going to be the future of work after the Coronavirus emergency?

I never have a straightforward view, I’m always open to change, so I’d say both home working (but just once a week) and bringing the home into the office for the rest of the week, the workspace must not be austere nor aseptic, and materials too should warm up, in my opinion.

For a few years now I’ve been closely following the world of offices, designing both products for lounge and contract spaces and work systems.

Federica Biasi ritratto

What is your relationship with social media and how do you manage this aspect of your work?

I like social media, I believe that they could be a valid instrument if used wisely. I like telling the background of my works and having a less official communication channel.

I should manage this aspect better, more planning, I make that promise to myself every time but I never keep it…let’s say I just use them by ear.

Mirrò mirror by Federica Biasi for Mingardo

Can you give us a sneak peek of your current work?

I’m very superstitious, especially now, so I’ll name the sin but not the sinner…I’m working at two outdoor collections, some kitchen accessories, contract seats and sofas…

The new versions of Livre will be released in April, the latest lounge presented for Gallotti&Radice in the chair version (Livrette) and with a swivel base.

Gallotti&Radice Livre Armchair
Mingardo Mirrò Table Mirror
Gallotti&Radice Sophie Armchair
Mingardo Ilario Table Mirror
Mingardo Elettra Vase


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