Whirlpool bath tub, swim spa and mini-pools: a perfect combination of design and technology

10 August 2021


From the intuition of the Jacuzzi brothers, the first whirlpool was born in 1956. Today their company continues to evolve through design and technological innovation

Water is an element of well-being par excellence. It has an archaic meaning that brings back to the sense of protection and completeness of the mother’s womb, it is an environment from which to let oneself be lulled for maximum relaxation but also an opportunity to train according to one’s needs and modulating the effort. Bringing all these benefits into the interior or exterior of the house is the vocation of Jacuzzi, a name that in the world immediately leads back to the invention and development of the whirlpool. In fact, it was 1956 when the youngest of the seven Jacuzzi brothers, Italian emigrants to the United States, designed the first prototype of hydromassage, with therapeutic purposes, after having observed the benefits that hydrotherapy treatments had on the body. Italian genius and American immediacy rapidly evolve this idea which over the decades has been perfected and becomes a symbol of luxury and well-being. The long experience and the constant search for solutions in step with the times have made it possible for Jacuzzi® to maintain the status of industry leader over time. Desires and needs have evolved over time, in addition to the classic whirlpool bath tub, today more all-encompassing experiences are sought, to transform the home environment into an authentic spa with attention not only to relaxation but also to fitness. Here are some of the most sought after models, suitable for indoors and outdoors, with different features and functions.

Jacuzzi® J-500

J 500 by Jacuzzi

From the outside it looks like a refined piece of furniture, inside it reveals an advanced combination of vents that make it a small jewel of technology devoted to well-being. The J-500 line is design-oriented and with attention to every detail, designed to integrate elegantly with the outdoor environment in which it is located, both during the day and in the evening. The touch screen control can be integrated with the smartphone and the lights on the external paneling make the tub seem to float in the dark at night.

Jacuzzi® J-400

Wellness and entertainment are the elements that inspire the J-400 Jacuzzi line. From its LED screen it is possible to control not only the specific functions of the whirlpool but also a sophisticated audio system. It’s called BLUE WAVE ™ Spa Stereo System is custom designed for this tub and can connect via bluetooth to the sound source up to 10 meters away. It also features a USB port, FM radio and MP3 stereo.

Jacuzzi® J-300


The J-300 line, recently renewed, is one of the most devoted to well-being in the strict sense. An example of this vocation are the seats designed ad hoc: they are called Power Pro® Therapy Seat and are designed to direct the hydrotherapy jets towards the back and lumbar area. In this line, Jacuzzi has increased the number of jets to stimulate each area of ​​the body.

Jacuzzi® Lodge

Jacuzzi® Lodge

Lodge is a line of mini-pools in various sizes: S, M, L, all 90 cm deep and designed to accommodate from 2/3 people of the S version to 5/6 of the L version. It can be installed above ground, thanks to the elegant side panels, or on the ground, for a more discreet result. Among the most interesting technical aspects, there is certainly the speed of filling (about 50 minutes), emptying (about 20 minutes) and cleaning (about 30 minutes).

Jacuzzi J-19

For an even more complete user experience designed for various needs for both wellness and training and entertainment, the solution is the J-19 pool with continuous current flow. The nozzles can release speeds of up to 5km per hour for swimmers of various levels. However, the bathtub also features a classic whirlpool technology for those who prefer absolute relaxation.

Jacuzzi Lodge + S Hydro
Jacuzzi J-485
Jacuzzi J-575 SmartTub
Jacuzzi J-19


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