MDF Italia presents its new products

10 February 2021

NVL Table by MDF Italia ©Thomas Pagani

The main personalities of international design have been required to interpret MDF Italia’s philosophy, basing every product on a balance of simplicity and refinement.

MDF Italia releases its new corporate showroom to narrate the news of the company. An architectural space where sinuous lines alternate with geometric volumes: it is the new exhibition area of the company, located in MDF Italia Headquarters in Mariano Comense. The space extends on a 400 square meters surface and welcomes the new MDF Italia collections. Within this framework, there is room for a multitude of pieces: the new NVL table, mono-material and sculptural table by Jean Nouvel Design, the Divide It screen by Pitsou Kedem, the embracing Neil Leather seat by Jean-Marie Massaud, made of steel and thick full grain leather upholstery, the Random Wood bookcase by Neuland Industriedesign and 20.Venti Home Light by 967ARCH, perfect home-working solution.

NVL Table by Jean Nouvel Design

NVL Table by MDF Italia ©Thomas Pagani

NVL Table is a mono-material table created by the French designer, respecting geometric strictness and linearity of volumes. The architectural shapes of the table fit residential, contract and work contexts flawlessly, standing out for its overall lightness. The surface appears equally thin and solid, and seems to be floating on the base that, built around two symmetrical stands supporting the top, draws a particular geometric composition made of full and empty spaces and echoing a trilith. NVL Table is available in reconstituted marble or cement, in a glossy or matte lacquered finish.

Divide It by Pitsou Kedem

Divide It by MDF Italia ©Thomas Pagani

Divide It is a dynamic creation that meets every need and allows a separation of the ambiences in both domestic and work spaces, keeping an overall sense of continuity between the rooms intact and creating suggestive and elegant perceptions. “The main design idea was to create a mutable wall that could turn from being opaque, silent and uniform, almost invisible, to express in infinite possibilities of geometric and unique compositions” Pitsou Kedem affirms.

Neil Leather by Jean-Marie Massaud

Nail Leather by MDF Italia

Elegant, light-weight, sophisticated, Neil Leather is the natural evolution of Neil, iconic essential seat designed in 2018 by the brilliant Jean Marie Massaud. Neil Leather pays close attention to details, to comfort and proportions. The black chrome steel structure draws a simple, light architecture, while the thick full grain leather upholstery creates an embracing seat.  

Random Wood by Neuland Industriedesign

Random Wood bookcase by MDF Italia

The iconic Random bookcase broadens its line welcoming new wood finishes. A new elegant Canaletto walnut finish dresses the iconic Random bookcase. The elegant darker nervure texture enhances the natural charm of wood, conveying a warm, embracing atmosphere and improving every room in which it is situated, from the living room to the dining room.

20.Venti Home Light by 967Arch

20.Venti Home Light desk by MDF Italia

20.Venti Home Light is a modern desk that brings out the dynamic and shared, but occasionally independent current working attitude. Today this concept has been adopted also at home, where new home office environments are being created, true active spots where to work temporarily or continuously.

MDF Italia NVL Table
MDF Italia Divide It

NVL Table by MDF Italia

New collections by MDF Italia

20.Venti Home Light
MDF Italia Random
MDF Italia NVL Table


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