The new, elegant guise of metal furniture

18 May 2023

Epic by Gubi

Not just industrial style: here are the most sophisticated variations of metal, a material with a strong and versatile profile

Strong but discreet, metal has taken on an increasingly important role in furniture design since the 1900s. Until then, except for wrought iron, it was almost impossible to find visible metal in furnishings, it was rather reserved for a structural and marginal role and in any case to be hidden from view. In the twentieth century, through the innovative vision of a series of designers who break with the past, metal conquers the scene and begins to be appreciated also for its aesthetic impact. At the time, it was mainly chromed steel with its shiny surface that reflects light and stands out. And thanks to the experimental spirit of those designers, metals are conquering more and more space and today they are declined in a sophisticated and refined key. Sometimes stripped bare, sometimes enhanced by colour, they lend themselves to projects for interiors and exteriors that are very different from each other, as these examples demonstrate.

Epic by GamFratesi for Gubi

In its first version, this coffee table (on the cover) was in marble worked in Italy: the inspiration, as the name itself suggests, was the epic poems and therefore the Greek columns and Roman architecture. That visual idea also returns in this new version in galvanized, lacquered and hand-finished steel. The monolithic impact remains and takes on a light and sophisticated industrial accent. And the three versions of steel proposed are very interesting: dark red, gray, and black.

Epic by Gubi

Allure by Baxter

The strong visual feature of this collection is the series of grooves on the base of the tables which is inspired by the Northern European architecture of the 1900s. The selected metals are nickel silver, brass, and copper, each with its own chromatic characteristics and nuances that play with shapes in an extremely interesting combination of elegance and industrial style. The coffee table is available in two heights that can be combined to give more rhythm to the composition.

Allure Baxter

Gong by Giulio Cappellini for Cappellini

Clean lines and bright colors make the Gong coffee table line a pass-par-tout for various rooms in the house. The place of choice is the living room where one or more Gong elements prove to be functional and decorative, as well as easily movable to invent new configurations with just a few gestures.


Hiroki by Philipp Mainzer for E15

Not just low tables: steel is the protagonist of the Hiroki dining table collection in which this material is shown in its elegant essentiality. In grey, orange, or black, this table has a minimalist yet iconic and impactful profile.


A Chair by Tolix

Tolix is par excellence the brand of metal and of sheet steel which it declines through a series of collections with an industrial style which however integrate into various types of contexts, both indoors and outdoors. Among all, the most iconic is the A Chair: large and with very particular shapes, in a wide color palette that lends itself to infinite combinations.


InOut 46 by Paola Navone for Gervasoni

InOut is a large collection imagined by Paola Navone to furnish outdoor spaces with the same care as indoors. In this context, the 46 table is made of aluminum and has two side handles to be easily moved and possibly also used as a stool.

inout by gervasoni

Weekend by Brichet-Ziegler for Petite Friture

The complete Weekend garden collection is made of aluminum and is characterized by the oval shape that recurs in the various elements as well as the strips that almost look like suspended ribbons and the colour, to be chosen from a wide range. The whole brings a relaxed and festive atmosphere to the outdoor space in which it is located.


Box by Silvano PierdonĂ  and Manuela Pellizzon for Capod’Opera

Box is a system of drawers made up of a series of modules that can be independent or combined. The structure is characterized by a simple base or a high trellis and can develop vertically or horizontally. In the vertical version the height of the drawers increases proceeding from top to bottom, creating an interesting visual game.

Box Capo d'Opera
Capo d’Opera Box
Cappellini Gong
E15 Hiroki Metal Dining Table
Tolix A chair
Petite Friture Week-End Lounge Chair
Petite Friture Week-end
Petite Friture Week-End Stool

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