Mini kitchens / maxi luxury: exclusive collections designed for small spaces

11 October 2022

Lago Air

Furnishing small spaces with luxury is a trend and the kitchen is its maximum expression

Between necessity and trend: designing and furnishing small spaces is one of the recurring challenges of contemporary architecture. But if the square meters are few then you can abound with style, thanks to refined solutions designed with great attention to detail and to functionality. Because in a small space it is necessary to have everything and that everything is perfect, especially in the kitchen. Here, you cannot do without a series of functional elements, and there is technology to manage and the formal challenge becomes more difficult when the kitchen furniture is placed, on sight, in the living room or in an outdoor space. How to reconcile efficiency, completeness, and style? These collections reveal it to us, proposed by prestigious companies for small but top-of-the-range kitchens.

Minikitchen by Joe Colombo for Boffi

Iconic and forerunner: Joe Colombo designed the Minikitchen in 1963, to send it into production starting in 1964. An avant-garde project, an authentic invention but far from mere speculative exercise. The Minikitchen is still one of the most complete and intelligent mini-kitchen projects. Initially in plywood, since 1993 it has been made in the more modern Corian®. It is a monobloc kitchen with a footprint of half a cubic meter. On swivel wheels, it can be moved easily, just like a cart. It is equipped with a refrigerator and electric cooking plate as well as a drawer for utensils integrated with some flaps and small storage spaces. It also has a cutting board and a removable tray.

Minikitchen Boffi

Artusi by Antonio Citterio for Arclinea

Artusi is a sophisticated collection of Arclinea kitchens of inspiration and professional performance. However, these performances can also be enclosed in single and compact modules, with small dimensions and therefore ideal for small but stylish kitchens. The compact module can be wall-mounted or island, to be placed in the center and make the most of the available space. The steel finish identifies and characterizes it in a discreet but effective way.

artusi arclinea

Small Living Kitchens ™ by Andrea Federici for Falper.

Falper’s intention is to create a collection specifically intended “within prestigious small-sized homes”. Through a wise reading of the present times, Falper has been able to break a taboo and make its own a growing market niche, that of small houses furnished in an exclusive way. The Small Living Kitchens ™ are therefore designed to furnish open kitchens, complete and able to offer a complete and satisfying kitchen experience, starting from 2.5 square meters, and with great attention to formal details.


Frame by Salvatore Indriolo for Fantin

The Frame series by Fantin is available in the variants, contained, with two and three modules with a width ranging from 128 to 188 centimeters. The design is identifying but at the same time neutral, it recalls the style of an informal furniture rather than a kitchen one. The innovative formal approach, together with the small size and the completeness of the instrumental equipment, therefore, make it a perfect kitchen for the living room or in any case there are space constraints.

Frame by Fantin

Air by Daniele Lago for Lago

Introduced in 2016, the Air by Lago kitchen (on the cover) was ahead of its time, anticipating the flexibility and resilience demanded today, in a loud voice, of furniture projects. The heart of the project is a circular table, with induction cooking plates that integrate perfectly and very discreetly into the top. This island, therefore, can be a stove, a dining table and a worktable. Chameleonic and elegant, it is a precious resource for small but special kitchens.

Lago Air

V1 by Vipp

The V1 project has a strong modular connotation and invites you to compose the kitchen according to your needs and availability of space. The elements can be island, wall, high or low and are all characterized by the essential but defined design of Vipp.

Libera by Marco Merendi & Diego Vencato for Elmar

The outdoors is a context in which the desire to insert a kitchen is growing but without giving up the space to live. Libera is a compact and essential kitchen, but its austerity is tempered by the colored concrete used for its worktop, combined with the metal structure.

libera elmar

R1 by Rok

R1 is Rok’s outdoor kitchen: it is made of stainless steel and is characterized by a professional style and a complete approach to the outdoor cooking experience. It is a modular system to be composed according to the wishes, needs and space available: the essential core is composed of three elements, one central and two laterals, to which accessory elements can be added, such as the wine cellar.

Arclinea Artusi Kitchen
Boffi Minikitchen
Boffi Minikitchen
Falper. Small Living Kitchens
Falper. Small Living Kitchens
Falper. Small Living Kitchens
Falper. Small Living Kitchens
Fantin Frame
Lago Air Island Kitchen
Elmar Libera
Rok R1 Outdoor Kitchen
Vipp Vipp Kitchens

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