Miyazaki Chair Factory: Japanese know-how meets Northern European style

1 June 2023


The Japanese company specializes in the production of wooden chairs of the highest quality and great beauty

In 1969 Masahiro Miyazaki founded the Miyazki Chair Factory in Japan: a factory of wooden chairs devoted to meticulous handcrafting and careful selection of raw materials and upholstery. The idea is to give light to a quality production that respects all the people involved in the process, from the designer to the final customer, and that relies on a series of professional figures, each with their specific skills. In 2000, the company began producing its own collections, involving a series of designers, close in terms of aesthetics and vision. Japanese and Danish designers above all: the Japanese and Scandinavian cultures in fact share the essential aesthetics, the vocation for wood and the respect for the material. All this translates into furnishings designed to last, both from a material point of view and from a style point of view. In fact, Miyazaki does not focus on trends, but rather on timeless design and identity. Chairs like the ones we will see below are produced to have multiple lives, to furnish different environments over time, to participate in people’s existence for a long time.

Is Lounge by Inoda + Sveje

Kyoko Inoda (Japan) and Nils Sveje (Denmark) are a designer couple based in Milan. Here they have founded a sophisticated design gallery where they host their projects but not only. They have an approach and taste perfectly in line with Miyazaki’s vision and they sign more than one collection for the company. Is Lounge (on the cover) is an armchair with a strong personality: the basic structure is classic and essential but the armrests have a very particular shape, tapered, almost sharp, at the end. The seat is deep and wide, the backrest tilted backwards: every design aspect is addressed to maximize comfort and elegance, and the overall result is sublime.

DC10 by Inoda + Sveje

The DC10 seat, perfect for an elegant and welcoming dining area but also for a conversation corner or study, is another creation by Kyoko Inoda and Nils Sveje. It is the result of careful design research in the field of chair production from the past and present, aimed at finding the perfect balance between technology and craftsmanship to maximize the results of both. Ergonomic and comfortable, it is a sophisticated expression of the Japandi style that blends Scandinavian style and Japanese culture together.

Bar by Inoda + Sveje

Inoda and Sveje also designed a gritty bar stool for Miyazaki that elevates the tone and style of the environment in which it is inserted. The rounded seat seems sculpted, and its workmanship enhances the characteristics and soft nuances of the wood it is made of. The shape is ergonomic and elegant, a recurring trait in the company’s production. The whole is even more elegant and refined thanks to the highly sought-after detail of the brass footrest.

No42 by Kai Kristiansen

Kai Kristiansen is a living icon of Danish design: 93 years old, of which 70 spent designing, he has gathered experience and expertise that is difficult to match. That’s why Miyazaki decided to re-edit some of his most interesting creations, including the No42 seat. It has a dynamic shape that evokes Danish style and a combination of padded elements that guarantee the right comfort.

Paper Knife by Kai Kristiansen

Paper Knife is a classic and iconic collection from Kristiansen. It has a sober but familiar style and represents a perfect balance of wood and upholstered elements. The name of the collection is due to the image of a knife blade which seems to have inspired the designer in the design of the armrests which are slightly inclined to offer greater comfort.

Pepe by Murasawa Kazuteru

Among the Miyazaki collections, the Pepe chair also fits with ease, the combination of wood and leather returns and the formal style is purely Japanese: delicate, poetic and elegant. Pepe is a dining chair, but its thin padded and curved backrest is slightly inclined backwards, to offer the right comfort even in a moment of conversation or desk work.

Miyazaki Chair Factory Bar Stool
Miyazaki Chair Factory Bar Stool
Miyazaki Chair Factory IS Lounge Armchair
Miyazaki Chair Factory IS Lounge Armchair
Miyazaki Chair Factory No42 Chair
Miyazaki Chair Factory Paper Knife Armchair
Miyazaki Chair Factory Pepe Arm Chair

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