Mohd, Campari Soda and Alessi together again at the Salone del Mobile 2022

10 June 2022

A signed design connection to celebrate design and sociability

Milan and design form a magical and unrepeatable union, recognized all over the world. As well as Milan and the aperitif: it is from here that this ritual has spread throughout the world, establishing itself as a moment of election for an informal but classy sociality. And design and the aperitif are the themes that inspired a new captivating collaboration that features Mohd, Campari Soda and Alessi.

The 2022 edition of the Milanese Design Week marks the return to normality, to meeting and celebrating design live. And a company like Campari Soda, which fully represents the theme of the sociality, lends itself perfectly to underlining the importance of this event.

In collaboration with Alessi, which has always been a spokesperson for conviviality design, Campari Soda has involved an exceptional designer, Giulio Iacchetti, inviting him to create two iconic and original objects, perfectly in line with the research that Mohd carries out in the direction of quality design.

Fortunato-Depero Bitter Campari
Bitter Campari, Fortunato Depero

The starting point is the famous cone bottle of Campari Soda: designed in 1932 by the futurist master Fortunato Depero, it was probably decisive for the success of the drink. The truncated cone shape, the frosted glass and the raised lettering made this bottle extremely recognizable along with another very important feature: the absence of a label.

Campari Soda

Element taken from the project launched this year, with the hashtag #SenzaEtichetta (Italian for #NoLabel), another theme that inspired the two objects designed for the occasion by Iacchetti that will be on sale on Mohd and live, in the Milanese showroom Mohd Officina Milano.

Campari Soda
1. Pupazzo in legno, Fortunato Depero, designer (1928); Giovanni Sacchi, esecutore (1980).
2. Giovanni Mingozzi, Campari Soda, 1950.

The two accessories are called Cirifletto and Senzabuio. The first is a steel mirror that expands the space and ideally increases the company, and invites you to play with reflections and distortive effects. The second is a lamp, designed to illuminate aperitif time, reproducing the light of the setting sun.

A mirror and a lamp are therefore the two objects that tell the story of this new collaboration between Mohd, Campari and Alessi: three brands deeply linked to the Milanese design week. The initiative takes the name of Aperitif Design by Campari Soda, a name that emphasizes the role of design in moments of sharing that once again become the protagonists.

The collaboration between Giulio Iacchetti and Alessi had already in the past produced functional and captivating objects, designed to make moments of conviviality special through a recognizable, ironic but also relevant design. At the same time, Campari Soda had already launched an initiative with Alessi: the exclusive limited edition aperitif kit previewed by Mohd. A meeting of brands whose success is consolidated through this new initiative, within a particularly awaited edition of the Milanese design week.

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