Molteni&C bedrooms : balance of comfort and elegance

11 November 2021

Welcoming, functional and impeccable, Molteni&C’s furnishings for the bedroom are a choice of excellence

Clean lines, refined details, pure elegance. The Molteni&C bedroom reflects the company’s attitude to follow the path of both formal and material quality. The collections show an international aesthetic taste anchored to Italian production values, the designers involved, among the most prestigious in the world, have been able to decline this approach with unprecedented results. Each piece of furniture is the expression of a perfect balance of elegance and comfort, the Molteni&C beds are a precious solution to create a welcoming and functional environment but also impeccable in the color combinations, in the choice of materials and in the refinement of the lines. Let’s see a selection of the collections proposed by the company.

Twelve A.M. by Neri & Hu

The Twelve A.M. reflects the oriental-flavored aesthetic of the designers who designed it but at the same time is perfectly consistent with Molteni’s elegant and refined style. The formal element that most characterizes it is the layering of materials: the wood of the structure, the fabric of the bed frame and the padded headboard and the leather of the straps, a detail of strong character and refinement. A generous, high backrest surrounds the top of the bed and a large headrest cushion makes it comfortable and welcoming. The structure rests on four discreet metal feet, and the same design is shared by the bench to match the foot of the bed to complete and make the whole even more comfortable.

Greenwich by Rodolfo Dordoni

Greenwich is an area of ​​London away from the chaos but still very elegant and welcoming. Rodolfo Dordoni was inspired by it to imagine this bed that appears as a welcoming ship in which to take refuge to navigate towards peaceful dreams. It is a textile bed with rounded and minimal shapes, generously padded and proposed in refined and comfortable finishes. The volumes are important but harmonious, and overall the proportions are perfect.

Azul by Nicola Gallizia

The attention to material and formal details that makes Molteni’s production prestigious is expressed in a precise way in the Azul bed (on the cover) designed by Nicola Gallizia. The detail that characterizes it is undoubtedly the headboard that curves at the ends as if to protect sleep. It is made with two sheets of regenerated leather with a textile or leather cover. This ensemble defines its shape and movement. The bed base is thin and discreet.

Casper by Vincent Van Duysen

The bedroom furniture is also made up of other precious elements: bedside tables and dressers refine the layout and make it functional. Vincent Van Duysen, creative director of the brand, designs the Casper collection consisting of three different sizes of storage units designed specifically for the sleeping area. Classic bedside table and chest of drawers with two or four drawers have a pewter or copper painted structure, drawers in eucalyptus or oak and top covered in Eco skin.

909 by Luca Meda

909 is a collection that interprets the night storage category in an interesting way. The distinctive feature of the bedside tables and drawer units in this collection is the open compartment in polished aluminum placed on the base, with optional lighting. A formal detail that gives extraordinary elegance to the whole.

5050 by Rodolfo Dordoni

The juxtaposition of glossy or matt lacquer finish, wooden tops and tray in Eco Skin make the 5050 collection by Rodolfo Dordoni ideal for a night environment with a gritty character. Here, too, the alternation of empty and full returns, with the open section of the bedside tables and the open shelf of the chest of drawers. Feature that offers further ideas for use and decorative rhythm.

Molteni & C. Twelve A.M. Bed
Molteni & C. Twelve A.M. Bench
Molteni & C. Greenwich Bed
Molteni & C. Azul Bed
Molteni & C. 909 Chest of Drawers

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