Multifunctional design cabinet

28 February 2023

mogg ordinaryday

From vertical, tall and narrow chests of drawers to chests of drawers suspended on the horizon to complete the sleeping area, the living room and the work space

Drawers and furnishings intended for storage never seem to be enough. In the wardrobe and bedroom but also in the living area as well as in the workspace, cabinets are essential for distributing everything you own in an orderly manner. They are furnishings whose presence is felt, because to be useful they must also be roomy and with the right proportions. It is the designers who have been able to grasp the sculptural and decorative potential of this category of furniture and interpret it to make a deal between style and functionality. Enhance it by choosing materials, finishes and formal details that make them significant and decorative. After all, each chest of drawers is also a surface, and this element lends itself to infinite decorative and functional interpretations not to be overlooked to expand the visual and aesthetic experience of the environment.

Ordinaryday by Raphael Charles for Mogg

An ordinary day, in a carpentry: because a stack of wood ready to be worked is the image evoked by this chest of drawers (on the cover) designed by Raphael Charles. Made of solid fir wood, it has a rough appearance and an industrial style but on closer inspection it reveals all its design and production precision. The profile of the drawers is almost invisible because it blends into the edges of the beams and the whole is a tribute to the visual and tactile beauty of wood as well as to the ancient art of transforming it.

Storet by Nanda Vigo for Acerbis

Witty and feminine, the Storet chest of drawers is a succession of generous and abundant curves. The structure is in black ash or dark stained walnut and the glossy lacquering of the drawers highlights the rounded shapes. From neutral colors such as black and white to more intense ones such as burgundy and dark green, and up to pink and yellow: the chromatic choice dictates the style not only of the furniture but also of the context in which it is inserted. Storet is available in two variants: narrow and long or in a square version and in both cases by combining two elements an even more functional and visually interesting result is obtained.

Storet Acerbis

To Be by Gino Carollo for Bonaldo

To be is a collection designed for the bedroom where the chest of drawers integrates with ease in other areas of the house. The high base rests on a thin but solid structure, it is visually very ligh and, made up of an essential geometric design. This metal base houses the wooden drawer structure and is recalled by the handles, in the same metallic finish.

bonaldo to be

Box by Silvano PierdonĂ  and Manuela Pellizzon for Capod’opera

Box is a modular system, whose name evokes all its vocation to contain and keep in order. The various elements can be combined in height to create a tower cabinet with a discreet and functional presence. The possibilities of use are expanded by the essentiality of the lines and the visual lightness of the whole as well as by the wide range of colors available.

Capodopera Box

Dinah by Shiro Kuramata for Cappellini

In designing Dinah Shiro Kuramata brings into play a completely new mode of use: it is a narrow and tall chest of drawers whose drawers slide to open on both sides. It has a visual presence with a strong character and bold proportions yet integrates discreetly into all rooms of the house.

dinah cappellini

Galena by Hagit Pincovici for Miniforms

Style and practicality coexist in balance also in the Galena chest of drawers, characterized by roomy but asymmetrical drawers that rest on an open structure made up of wooden legs. Informal but elegant, it offers a visual effect that intrigues and catches the eye.

galena miniforms

Alcor by Maxalto

Alcor is a large family of storage units characterized by an almost infinite number of possible configurations and finishes. The recurring motif is the slender base on which the structure of the cabinet rests, which can have drawers, open shelves, and doors with normal or flap doors. Each configuration can be produced in different finishes and colors, all of great elegance.

maxalto alcor

High sideboard Haller by USM

USM Haller is one of the brands most devoted to organizing the storage of domestic and work spaces. The chromed steel structure combined with a multitude of possible colors is the distinctive feature of the furnishings of this company and therefore also of the high sideboard. A particularly functional piece of furniture thanks to the generosity of the drawers, but also with an interesting visual impact, linked precisely to the possibility of choosing the most suitable color for your interior.

usm haller
Bonaldo To Be
Capo d’Opera Box
Capo d’Opera Box
Cappellini Dinah
Mogg Ordinaryday
Maxalto Alcor
Acerbis Storet
USM Haller

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