New functions and sophisticated details in the Boffi collections

3 November 2023

Boffi Case Bath 5.0

To furnish all the rooms of the house in an impeccable and functional way

Imagining a timeless home that nonetheless evolves with people’s changing habits and desires: this is how Boffi presents itself, through timeless collections that are updated year after year starting from technological innovations that expand the opportunities for furniture design and production. It is no coincidence that his motto is “reinventing the future” and it translates into a series of measured and sensible additions to his most successful collections. Success due precisely to an original design conceived not to follow a trend of the moment but to last over time, to give life to solid collections both from a functional point of view and from an aesthetic point of view. The Boffi style, a perfect balance of rigor and comfort, functional inventions, and elegant details, therefore, evolves in a discreet and concrete way, to continue to leave its mark and furnish in a refined, sober and never predictable way. This approach can be seen in the innovations introduced in the collections that furnish the entire home: from the kitchen to the bathroom, passing through the living room and sleeping area in a path of aesthetic and conceptual continuity that makes the home impeccable and welcoming.

Boffi Case Cucina 5.0
Boffi Boffi Case 5.0 Kitchen
Boffi Boffi Case 5.0 Kitchen

Material and functional evolution for the Case 5.0 kitchen and bathroom

The talent for producing timeless collections can be found in the Case 5.0 kitchen and bathroom collection by Piero Lissoni, designer and artistic director of Boffi. Case 5.0 was first imagined twenty years ago, yet still today it appears innovative in style and functions. To further develop this aspect, taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the technological evolution of the processes, two interesting changes have been introduced. In the kitchen: the first novelty is related to the processing of materials and to the possibility of having glass doors with a thickness of 6mm with an enveloping effect that leads the glass itself to cover even the handle with an unprecedented result of visual and tactile continuity. And the chromatic proposal of this finish is very interesting: coffee, grey, black and dove grey. To this option is added another new finish for the doors also available in spatulated clay. For the same collection, the Sliding peninsula was also introduced, mounted on a frame with sliding rails directly on the kitchen top to give it different configurations according to needs. Moving on to the Case 5.0 collection for the bathroom, we find the innovative finishes in reflective glass and spatulated clay introduced for the kitchen doors. There are two versions for the bathroom: free-standing monobloc or wall-mounted with integrated shelf.

Boffi Case 5.0
Boffi Boffi Case 5.0 Bathroom Collection
Boffi Boffi Antibes Walk-In Closet

Antibes systems to mark the space and organize living and sleeping areas

Stylistic coherence and attention to functions also cross the Antibes collection in which a series of modular elements come together to be configured to measure for the environment. This system, designed for the wall or for the center of the room, consists of a series of shelves and doors of different sizes which act as a bookcase in the living room but can also house the television, thanks to a specifically designed element. The desk element is also very interesting, to create a workstation that integrates fluidly into the living area, as is the chest of drawers segment with glass doors. Not just the living room: the Antibes system is also designed and highly appreciated for the sleeping area and for setting up the walk-in closet. Here, the collection now also includes the predisposition for mounting different variants of ADL doors to mark the passage from the bedroom to the wardrobe or to the bathroom in a fluid and elegant way.

Boffi Case 5.0 Parete Attrezzata

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