Pierre Augustin Rose embodies the multiple expressions of marble

27 July 2023

Pietra Oval by Pierre Augustin Rose

The company promotes uniqueness and is the result of the collaboration of three design professionals

Uniqueness, timelessness, quality are recurring themes in the today’s debate on design and reflect a new awareness of the importance of choosing, for our homes, projects of depth, furnishings that last over time not only from the material point of view but also from the formal point of view. A reflection also made by Pierre Bénard, Augustin Deleuze and Nina Rose who in 2015 founded the company known as Pierre Augustin Rose. A name that contains three for a project that reaps the fruits of their professionalism. The first step was the meeting between Pierre Bénard and Augustin Deleuze, both antique dealers: sharing the same taste, they soon felt the need to be able to design and produce what they could not find on the market. In this context, the presence of the designer Nina Rose and her knowledge of high French craftsmanship was invaluable. The company was therefore born with a stylistic ambition and a vow made to a taste that is modern in the long term with the ability to dare and experiment without losing elegance and design concreteness. Which translates into furnishings with essential and modern lines, declined using materials and skills of the highest level. The goal is to create unique collections that stand the test of time integrating, over the years, into a wealth of prestigious furnishings. It is no coincidence that the headquarters of Pierre Augustin Rose is a real gallery in the prestigious first arrondissement of Paris.

Pietra by Pierre Augustin Rose

Classic and contemporary blend in the collections of the French brand which are naturally elegant, visually sculptural, with a strong manufacturing identity. Research on materials and their enhancement through the skilful work of specialized craftsmen is another cornerstone of Pierre Augustin Rose and this aspect can be read, in particular, in the collections devoted to stone and above all to marble. An almost conceptual expression of this research is the Column series: these are real marble columns with a diameter of 45cm and a height of 75cm. The inspiration is classic, yet these essential columns seem to be the perfect accessory for a contemporary home. The peculiarity of the marble itself makes them sculptures that enhance any elements placed on them in a dialogue of beauty.

Column by Pierre Augustin Rose

Among the stone accessories produced by Pierre Augustin Rose, the series of Helios mirrors is also very interesting: sculpted marble portions with a consistent and faceted profile, to be hung on the walls like works of art in which the reflection is a further visual cue.

helios pierre by augustine rose

Marble is also the protagonist of the Atlas desk collection: the base is made up of two elements, on one side a square storage element that rests on a circular marble base that recalls the top. On the other side a conical wooden column whose base, once again, is in marble. Like the top, in travertine, whose organic and irregular shape makes this desk truly unique and worthy of being placed in an environment that is airy enough to allow you to appreciate every side of it. The veins and chromatic nuances of the travertine are appreciated both on the surface and, laterally, in its thickness.

Atlas Desk by Pierre Augustin Rose

In an elegant and contemporary living room, the tables from the Pietra collection are perfect and available in two different shape and sizes: round and oval. The first is composed of an oak wood support structure in the shape of an inverted cone on which two marble circles of different sizes are installed which can be in purple calacatta or travertine. The oval version of the Pietra coffee table is a duplication of the circular version and therefore has two oak bases and two oval-shaped marble elements to form the tabletop and an additional practical and decorative shelf.

Pietra by Pierre Augustin Rose
Pierre Augustin Rose Helios Mirror
Pierre Augustin Rose Pietra Coffee Table

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