Pouf + bed: hybrid solutions for the sleeping area

12 April 2022

Formal intuitions and functional details characterize these chameleonic and useful projects

Transformable furnishings can have a high formal value and these projects prove it. These are poufs and armchair beds with which designers and companies have responded to the double need to have a comfortable and beautiful seat but also an extra bed. Each model has its own specific opening / closing mechanism, always matched with an attractive design. Precisely because the novelty of these models is their formal value: they are not only useful and decisive but also interesting and with attention to details. They can therefore be integrated both in the living area and in the sleeping area. Precious synthesis of style and function conquer both sight and practical use: let’s find out some details.

Kubo by Paola Navone for Gervasoni

Apparently Kubo (on the cover) is a classic square pouf, characterized by the familiar and sophisticated design of Paola Navone. In reality, under the fabric cover, it hides a simple but effective system that transforms it into a single bed. The mechanism consists of a sliding base that acts as a slatted base on which the cushion unfolds and rests, thus transforming it into a mattress. The movement is simple and fluid but effective.

Pouf by Daniele Loscalzo Moscheri for Ditre Italia

Simple, essential and effective, the pouf / bed designed by Loscalzo Moscheri for Ditre Italia reflects the profile of the brand that is appreciated precisely for the functionality and essential but familiar aesthetics of its projects. Pouf is available in 4 upholstery variants with a slightly different style to integrate into different environments. The mechanism is accessed by releasing it from the fabric cover and unfolding the metal base on which the mattress is already mounted which, when closed, acts as a seat for the pouf itself. The network also has a central support foot for greater stability and comfort of the bed.

Trix by Piero Lissoni for Kartell

Trix is ​​a refined creative game developed by Piero Lissoni for Kartell, in line with the lively profile of the company. It is a pouf made up of three elements of different depths, linked together by a system of elastic bands. This particular structure allows Trix to assume four different configurations: classic pouf, chaise longue with low back, low sofa with one armrest and bed / futon.

Chama by Mi Jin Park for Lago

Softness and generous padding are the first features you notice in the Chama pouf / armchair, designed by Mi Jin Park for Lago. It is a reduction to the essence in a creative way: the cushion folded on itself forms the seat, unfolded it becomes a bed or a cozy chaise longue with a cushion that acts as a backrest.

Up-lift by Neisak for Prostoria

Up-lift is a real armchair bed designed with the idea of ​​arriving at an opening mechanism to be activated with a single and rhythmic gesture. This gesture arises from the overturning of the circular element that acts as a backrest + armrests. The remodeling of the opening mechanism allows you to combine the refined and comfortable design of the armchair with the convenience of an extra single bed.

Tattomi by Ingo Maurer and Jan Armgardt for De Padova

In 1985 Ingo Maurer and Jan Armgardt designed this versatile seat with foresight that translates the classic Japanese futon into a contemporary key. There are three possible configurations: armchair, chaise longue, bed. The structure is in steel with elastic belts and to make the armchair and chaise longue configuration even more comfortable it is integrated with a lumbar pad. An intelligent and formally refined project, an example of Ingo Maurer’s unique design language.

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