Prostoria: high manufacturing and contemporary taste

21 January 2022


The brand, born and raised in Croatia, declines the modernist aesthetic in a contemporary key, smoothing the corners and favoring roundness and generous padding

Prostoria represents a less known face of European design, interesting for those with a taste for exclusivity and novelty, for those who want to explore new concepts and quality realities. Voted for high manufacturing and selection of raw materials, Prostoria was born and still is based in Croatia a few kilometers from Zagreb, the capital with an architectural melting pot that recounts different eras and influences. These include European modernism with its formal rigor tempered by soft lines and colors. Prostoria draws on this stylistic plot in the development of its collections, entrusted to designers who are often rooted in the area but trained in the most prestigious design schools in Europe. Prostoria’s approach combines ancient and contemporary: the first in the search for manufacturing techniques historically rooted in the territory and in the dialogue with those who perpetuate the tradition, the second in the style and functionality of the furnishings that respond to the current need to decline the elegance in an informal tone and adapt to different contexts and situations. Modularity and metamorphosis could be the two keywords to define the basic concept, as shown by some of the most recent collections.

Klaster by Numen / For Use

Klaster is the collection that most of all communicates the versatility of Prostoria furnishings. It consists of 16 basic modules to be assembled to create a seating system for a personalized living room. 6 seat modules, 8 back modules of different heights and 3 different sofa bed modules. Each element has an extremely essential character but the possibility of combining them, together with the chromatic variations, relaunches the creative opportunities and allows you to create configurations that are truly tailored to your taste and needs. In fact, from a single collection, infinite scenarios arise in which dimensions, atmosphere and style are meticulously adapted to those who live in the environment in which it is inserted, reflecting their personality.

Echo by Grupa

Echo is a modular system devoted to absolute relaxation and conveys this vocation visually, through the rounded lines and the generous padding of the cushions. The ergonomic shape of the backrest and armrests designed to allow you to sit comfortably or lie down, thanks also to the deep and wide seat. The modules can be configured to give life to sofas with several seats and a variant with a shallower seat is also available, designed for contract contexts.

Layout by Numen / For Use

Layout goes beyond the traditional idea of ​​sofa and armchair and is configured as a hybrid element to be combined to give life to a structure with character that finds its ideal location in large rooms. Its design is like a small architecture characterized by a sled seat that accompanies the body and supports it evenly. Despite being essential and characterized by clean and tidy lines, its aesthetic has a strong character and becomes a focal point of the environment in which it is inserted. The possibilities of interpretation are unlimited and range from the most traditional to the most contemporary, from domestic environments to contract contexts. In the smallest spaces, individual elements of Layout can constitute islands of relaxation to create interesting corners to live in.

Absent by Numen / For Use

The innovation introduced by Absent is the position it invites to adopt: halfway between lying down and sitting, decidedly abandoned to the comfort of its large cushions. It almost looks like a spaceship in a domestic format, an impartial space in which to let oneself be welcomed and unplugged. The proportions are abundant, the modular elements of Absent can be configured in unlimited combinations. In addition, the fabrics offered offer very interesting and innovative textures, finishes and colors. A fresh collection that invites you to rethink the living space and look at it with new eyes.

Prostoria Layout Armchair

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