Salone del mobile 2024 preview: Christophe Pillet introduces the new Lounge Chair Allure for Talenti

8 April 2024

Large and comfortable, the new lounge chair enriches the Allure collection designed by Christophe Pillet for Talenti and is an invitation to relax.

Precision and rigor, design clarity and timeless elegance. Christophe Pillet is a designer devoted to sophisticated taste, in search of detail, of uniqueness that is never expressed above the lines but rather between them. An approach consistent with the prestigious companies with which he collaborates, from Talenti to Kartell, from Kreoo to Oluce via Ethimo and Serralunga, just to name a few. In each of his collaborations he merges his essential taste with the personality of the brand and the result brings out the best of both. His approach to the design of outdoor furniture is striking, in which a strong sensitivity emerges not only for elegance but for real comfort which here becomes an absolute priority. The recently presented Allure lounge chair is a definitive example of this and further enriches the collection introduced last year.

Talenti | Allure

“The new lounge chair, large and generous, speaks a clear and coherent language to the rest of the collection – explains Pillet. Allure has a raw and, at the same time, summery touch, beachy but in a different sense.” Visually the seat inspires formal lightness and softness, inviting you to indulge in relaxation by offering the body a support that follows its curves and becomes a pretext to give the seat itself an innovative and elegant line. The structure is made of aluminum which allows you to easily change position and configuration, especially in combination with the other elements of the collection.

Talenti Allure High Back Armchair

The kindness of the lines is a recurring characteristic in your projects, what is the origin of this style?

I believe I can be old style or old fashion, but I love the “beauty” of an object. Not just the expressiveness of its character, the strength to stand out, the originality of its concept… simply the beauty, the right proportions, the mastery of its design, whatever it is.

The Ever collection for Talenti was introduced at the last edition of Maison&Objet: what are the most significant features and what type of outdoor is it designed for?

Although contemporary, Ever is an almost classical collection. Slightly nordic and countryside oriented. Relaxed elegance, reasonable proportions, timeless taste are here some ingredients in the search of a long lasting and universal lifestyle. 

Talenti Ever Coffee Table
Talenti Ever 3 Seater Sofa
Talenti Ever 3 Seater Sofa

For the same company, the Allure collection was introduced last year and now the lounge chair: will there be any evolutions in relation to it?

Allure is living its life now. There could be evolutions, like new items, new colors… if we feel it’s necessary… not yet.

What determines the overall quality of outdoor furniture?

Like the indoor furniture, I would say, it’s capacity to express or to illustrate our expectation or desire for a different way of life.

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