Small, useful, and functional objects for the office

14 February 2023

anything by hay

Everything in its place, with style, on and around the desk

Take your eyes off the computer and find order and harmony around you, have everything that can be useful at your fingertips but without confusion. An ideal workstation should be able to count on these characteristics and yet often, on the contrary, disorder and inefficiency dominate. To better manage the workspace, some accessories can be useful and pleasing to the eye. Small elements generated by the designer’s mind; authentic concentrates of design conceived for everyday life. These are not simple frills but rather tools, each with its own functions to be rediscovered and exploited to give the office area a more functional and beautiful layout. This applies primarily to the home office but of course also to the workplace. The goal is not purely formal but also practical: if the desk is the toolbox of intellectual work, it should be complete and tidy to maximize concentration and results.

Anything scissor holder by Michael Sodeau for Hay

Anything (on the cover) is a collection of desk accessories designed by the English designer Michael Sodeau for the Danish brand Hay. The name is a declaration of intent: the elements of the collection are those small but indispensable tools for solving infinite situations of everyday life. The scissors holder is particularly interesting, to be kept on the desk like a small sculpture so as not to always need to look for them in remote drawers of the house.

anything hay

Journey lamp by Signe Hytte for &Tradition

A good lamp is an indispensable tool in organizing your desk. And the Journey lamp designed by Signe Hytte for &Tradition is perfect: it arises from the meeting of two shapes, a sphere that recalls the moon, and a parallelepiped on which it is inserted. The light is diffused and not dazzling and can be adjusted by the dimmer. Functional, essential, and elegant.

Scribe desk set by Charles Kalpakian for Collection Particuliere

Scribe is a desk accessory of the highest stylistic and production quality. It is a pen holder that gives elegance to the table on which it rests and is also appreciated for its usefulness: pens, pencils and small everyday objects find an orderly space in which to be stored. The main container is in brushed brass and rests on a black painted ash base, inside the two small containers are in sycamore and palm.

Wave desk organizer by Hiromichi Konno for Fritz Hansen

As simple as it is versatile, Wave is made of a single wave-shaped sheet of steel covered in leather. On the desk it makes itself useful by welcoming not only notes and documents but also, if necessary, a tablet or smartphone. While its sculptural presence makes the whole more refined and pleasing to the eye.

S-Tidy container by Michel Charlot for Vitra

The container imagined with playful and functional flair by Michel Charlot has the shape of an S. It is a single piece but at the base it is divided into three compartments to facilitate order and contain accessories of different sizes in the best possible way.

Buckets by Fritz Hansen

A poetic and functional idea: three small-scale buckets to hold pens, letter-knives, and other desk tools. The material is leather, sewn leaving the joints visible, and the three containers are collected in a small tray. The set can be kept together or used by placing the various elements in different points.

Formosa calendar by Enzo Mari for Danese Milano

In the age of hyperconnection and synchronized calendars on all devices, it makes even more sense to place an analogue, perpetual calendar like Formosa on your desk. A lesson in design and ingenious simplicity but also a daily reminder not to lose sight of reality and the passing of days.

Curva magazine rack by AYTM

Order and style are not the exclusive prerogative of the desk but also of the surrounding space. Sector magazines, but also documents, can find space in an elegant magazine rack like Curva by AYTM. Formed by a series of iron waves available in different chromatic finishes.

Paper Bin by Clara von Zweigbergk for Hay

Paper bin is a basket made of recycled paper intended in turn to contain paper to be recycled, and more. Among the strengths there is certainly the lively and versatile color palette from which to choose the one that best suits your workspace.

Hay Anything
&Tradition Journey
&Tradition Journey
Collection Particuliere Scribe
Fritz Hansen Wave Desk Organiser
Vitra S-Tidy
Fritz Hansen Buckets
Danese Milano Formosa
AYTM Curva magazine holder
Hay Paper Bin

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